Upgraded to WordPress 2.2

Posted in Bloggingon May 16, 2007

About 9 or 10 hours ago, WordPress 2.2 was released and announced. WordPress is free, open source software which used to create blogs, like this one, but can also be used as a simple content management system, like how I used it to create my mom’s business site.

I’ve briefly looked through all the pages of the new WordPress version, and visually, not a lot has changed. One major addition though is the concept of widgets. However, because I’m using my own custom theme, widgets can’t be used on my blog yet. I’ll have to spend a little bit of time later upgrading my custom theme to use widgets for the sidebar. I’m really excited about widgets, because I think at least a couple of the custom WordPress plugins that I’ve written really could take advantage of the widget framework.

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