I’m ready for general conference

Posted in Religionon Sep 29, 2008

Last spring I set a goal to review all the most recent LDS general conference talks before the October conferece, which is scheduled to occur this weekend. Yesterday, I finished that goal.

I probably would not have been successful with out a site I created called ScriptureCast.net. This site allows anyone to create a custom-rate podcast of general conference. Last April, I created a ScriptureCast podcast which would feed out general conference talks at just the right rate so I would finish by the end of September.

For those who are not familiar with what a podcast is, you should educate yourself by reading “What is Podcasting? ” over on the LDS Media Talk blog. Be sure to watch the short three minute video, Podcasting in Plain English, posted there, but also available on YouTube.

I subscribe to my ScriptureCast podcast through Google Reader. Every few days, a new general conference talk comes up in my unread list, along with an embedded audio player. When I have time, I listen to the talk right from Google Reader.

Because this has been so successful for me personally, I plan to add the October conference to ScriptureCast.net, just as soon as the individual talk audio files and texts are available on the LDS.org website.

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