Red Robin’s bottomless fries

Red Robin offers “bottomless fries” with many of its burgers.  That is, if you order one of their burgers or other specified entrees, you can have as many fries as you can eat.

One of my favorite “tricks” to eating at Red Robin was to ask for the bottomless fries to be brought out immediately before the meal, so you have something to snack on while waiting for your burger to be cooked.

But no longer! Tonight, when I asked for my bottomless fries to be brought out earlier, I was told that it would cost an additional $2.  What?!?  So apparently refills of your fry basket are free, but only if you wait patiently for your hamburger.  Two dollars isn’t a huge cost, but I don’t think I should have to pay more just to get started on a bottomless amount of fries a few minutes earlier.

It is really too bad.  The whole bottomless fries “gimmick” was one of the things that contributed to a fun dining environment.  Unfortunately, not being able to dig into the fries (without paying more) has taken away from the dining experience, so I’m probably less likely to dine there in the future.  Sure, it has been a couple of years since I’ve been there anyway, but after bottomless disappointment tonight, I predict that it will be another couple of years until I go back.

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  1. So because you’re too cheap to get an appetizer, you should get a free one? They say their BURGERS come with bottomless fries. That obviously means when the burger comes out, it has fries. And THEN if you want more, they’ll give you more. It doesn’t say anywhere they have to give you for free fries as an appetizer. Just because some waiters/waitresses did (I go to a Red Robin a lot, I have their loyalty card and earn plenty of awards, only had it happen to me once), doesn’t mean they were supposed to.

    Red Robin is VERY cheap relatively speaking, so it’s crazy that you complain about this. Hope you’re enjoying NOT going to Red Robin, cheapskate.

  2. @ Rick Muncie We are all looking for value in some shape or form. In addition, we feel valued if someone goes above and beyond to make our experience/enjoyment exceptional. And I too was of sound mind to think I could eat a few fries before my meal came to the table. Your reply is indeed offensive and childish. I am not cheap, but I recognize value. I am not illiterate either… I can read and understand Red Robin’s terms. So, please hesitate to classify and judge before you hurl insults. I am not the original reviewer but it irks me to see a response like this when the original review gave a fair and honest perspective. I was considering a visit to Red Robin for the first time but you have soured my moment. Whatever allegiance you may or may not have to Red Robin, I hope they are aware of the value you bring to them. Enjoy your fries!