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Before the 2008 Olympics, I was at looking for information. I noticed how they had a form where you could enter your email address to receive Olympic coverage updates or something like that. I entered the email address: nbcolympics@jacob…com.

I have an email system where anything@jacob…com will land in my inbox. That makes it really easy to give a custom email address to different people/sites so I can filter my email based on the TO address.

I didn’t receive a single email about the Olympics in all of that time. But I have received emails from about some sort of Fantasy sports thing.

What does this mean? The only person I gave that particular email address to was NBCOlympics. If I’m getting other email to that address, the only conclusion is that NBCOlympics sold off or gave away my email address to others.

Not that I’ll be bothered by the spam, because I’ve now switched all email to that address to arrive in a special spam email account.

Wells Fargo, stop calling me

Posted in Generalon May 27, 2008

Dear Wells Fargo,

I really want a bank that just keeps my money safe and accessible. I don’t want you calling me many times selling some soft of subscription package to your many programs. I signed up for the national do-not-call list, which means that I really don’t like being bothered my various offers made by calling me. Just because I bank with you, doesn’t mean that I really want to be bothered by you.

Tonight you called me, hiding the caller identification of the source call. Thats just plain sneaky, and something I wouldn’t expect from a bank that I would like to trust.

If you call me, I will refuse any offer you present. Please stop calling me. I told that last caller not to call me again. If I receive any more phone calls from you that do not directly concern my financial accounts, I will strongly consider moving my funds to a different institution.

July 17, 2008 update:
BOB, in comment 10180, was very nice to describe to me Wells Fargo’s privacy policy. According to his suggestion, I went to their website and found my privacy settings already set to the following:

My Wells Fargo Privacy Settings

My Wells Fargo Privacy Settings


So my question now is the following? Were my privacy settings always prohibiting contact? Or were they changed by the Wells Fargo representative who called me last with whom I requested that they no longer call me?

The good news is that I haven’t been called in quite a while. Also, now I know that any calls I may receive in the future are in contradiction to my privacy settings and against Wells Fargo’s privacy policy.

Does anyone know where I can find similar privacy settings on the Discover Card website?

Update July 24 Today I received another phone call which introduced itself as being associated with Wells Fargo. When I asked the guy if he was aware that I had specified in my Wells Fargo privacy settings that I wish not to be contacted, he asked me what privacy settings I was talking about, and then he suggested that my system was incorrect.

New type of address encoding

Posted in Technicalon Dec 9, 2006

I got this phishing attach in my inbox.  You know, one of those that look like they are from paypal or someone, but they really aren’t.  They give you links that they ask you to click on, except that the links don’t go to paypal’s server, they go to some other site that looks like paypal and tricks you into providing your login credentials.  None of this is new.

What is new is how they are providing the address in the link.  They provided the IP address in hex.  So if I were to represent the address to my server, it would be: http://0xcf.0x2d.0x41.0x24/

I thought this was very interesting, so I tried it in Firefox and Opera on my mac, and neither were tricked.  Both browser’s didn’t convert the hex to the real IP address, so it didn’t work.   But it makes me wonder if there are browsers out there that might be tricked by such IP address encoding.


Posted in Generalon Sep 28, 2004

Have you ever been waiting for an email from a special someone? Then you see the new mail indicator: 1 new message. Your heart starts beating a little faster. Is it from her? What will it say? Will she tell you how much she loves you? The download in process bar is moving, ever so slowly. The page goes blank, waiting to load the list of messages. It seems like it will never finish. Is this the email you have been waiting for. Then it starts loading a bit, then stalls. Oh, please, a little faster. Finally the list loads, all at once. The new message is in bold, and all at once you realize what the message is. Spam. An advertisement for some sex pill. You hit the delete button. Zero new messages. You close your mailbox. Waiting for the new mail indicator to show again.

forum spamming

Posted in Technicalon Sep 8, 2004

So, I go to check my email, and I find I had a returned message from the user that sends out messages to radioclub forum users. It looks as if someone with the username criminal record tried to register to the forums to get his url linked. It won’t work, however, because I recognize this and deleted the user. It must have been something automatic, because there is no visible links to the registration form that doesn’t require you registering with the rest of the site first.

This is the first time I’ve come accross a spamming of this sort to any of my sites. I wonder how I should protect it. Maybe one of those graphical images that has a word in it that requires the user to type the word. Hmmm.