I first started this blog over five years ago. When I started, it had a simple name, “Jacob’s Blog.” Since then I’ve moved it to a few different servers, and have run it through many different versions of WordPress.

At one point, I was afraid that people weren’t reading my blog because I would blog too much about technology, so I created a second blog called with another simple name called, “Jacob’s Technical Blog.”

I further splintered my blog by creating “Jacob on Religion” and “Columns and Capitals” which was more of an essay blog.

Having multiple blogs started confusing people, so in 2008 I decided to combine all these blogs into one blog at one web address, and “Square Galaxy” was launched.

Now I still get occasional comments about the blog being too editorial and not personal enough.   It is true, I don’t write “life event” entries very often, mostly because I don’t like getting personal with the Internet.  I’m ok with getting personal with persons, but not so much with the Internet.

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