How to Plan a Fantabulous Birthday Party for Kids


Birthdays are fun. They are even more fun when you are planning them for your kids. As kids grow up they start participating and the whole experience of hosting birthday parties becomes more memorable. A successful and fun-filled event does not just happen on its own. A lot of planning and dedicated effort is required. Oh, and don’t forget patience. Read on and find some valuable tips to have a fantabulous birthday.

1) Plan, plan and plan

Planning is a must. Never underestimate the power of planning the minutest of the details. Also, plan in advance to incorporate any later deviations from the plan.

2) Venue

This is a must: Indoor, outdoors or at some restaurant. This choice will set the mood for all other activities. So decide this in advance. Keep an eye on weather forecasts too.

3) Decide a theme

Themes are good to begin with. They can vary from simple color themes to cartoons based. It is wise to spend some time at the party supplies shop and see what is available if you have to buy. If you are a DIY geek; you are good to go anyways!

4) The critical guests

Your guest list is a critical factor in deciding the rhythm and flow of activities. If it is close friends and relatives which is usually the case when kids are still babies, it is a different scenario. However, with school going kids with friends of their own, games and activities have to be planned.

5) How many friends to invite?

For school going kids, another area to address is to figure out if whole class has to be invited or just a bunch of close friends. The number of kids is important because you can then plan what games to play and which activities to include.

6) Send invites

This is the most fascinating part. Make theme specific invites and send them over. Follow the guests later on to confirm head count. Email invites are also a great and affordable alternative idea that can save your time and money.

7) Food

Once done with the venue, theme, guest list and age groups, you can safely move on to consider and decide the menu. Also, consider the following concerns. Will you be home cooking all the dishes or ordering in? Will you be baking the cake from scratch or getting it made from a professional baker? What is the budget? What time the food will be served?

It is always a nice idea to write everything down. Because kids can drive you nuts any time and leave you wondering the very decisions you took in your head.

8) The birthday dress

Whether you are following a particular theme or not, it is wise to decide, shop if you have to, and get all dresses ready in advance. This includes the costume for the birthday girl/boy and all family members.

9) Get up and get going

Once you have penned down all the details mentioned above, it is time to act. Get the supplies for décor, groceries, seek for help if you need to, charge the cameras and clean the house for the big day celebration.

Do not forget to strike the balance between over-prepping and getting tired. You definitely do not want to look tired for your kid’s big day.With right plans executed at a right pace, you can pull off a memorable memory for your family and loved ones!


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