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Top blogging categories

Posted in Bloggingon Nov 17, 2008

Today I looked at some visitor statistics for this blog over the last month.  Specifically, I looked at the average number of views in a category normalized on the number of posts in that category.  I found that my top 5 categories are, based on number of views per article:

The category in which this article is posted, Blogging, is the worst category, with about 0.2 views per article.

Blog names that lost

Posted in Bloggingon Sep 30, 2008

It took me quite a while to decide what to call this new blog of mine. I kind of felt like I was playing a game of “Blog Name Survivor.” Here are some of the loosers, and why they were voted off the island: – This was suppose to be a reference to “my two cents” but it didn’t catch on with the people I asked about it.

Frenzied Fruit – A few people thought it was catchy, but in the end it was better as a name for a smoothie than for a blog.

Organic Words – This one didn’t catch on very well.

Better if used by – There were too many other variations of this phrase: best if used by, better when used by… I felt that this name would be better if used by someone else. It also just didn’t look very good typographically.

Ladder of Jacob – I don’t even own a ladder, why would I name my blog after one? In the end, it just didn’t feel like something I wanted to name my blog.

Solar Blueberry – I loved this name, but it didn’t stick with other people.

Questions are Welcome – Too long!

Feet ahead of me – This one escaped from me.

Black Hole Escape – I really liked this one, but it escaped from the island before it could win. I personally didn’t like the two e characters in a row. I also think it was too nerdy for a lot of people.

Smashed Sunshine – It sounded too morbid, drug related, or otherwise kind of weird to be used. Although it was a cool name, it didn’t have any special significance to me.

See Reverse Side – This would have been good for a political blog, but it didn’t have enough jazz to win.

Green Paper Pad – I really liked the reference to a green pad of engineering paper, but in the end, it sounded too environmental.

Most of these names are avaailable as a .COM domain name. If you want to use one of these names for your own blog name or website name, feel free. I would appreciate a note so I can feel good about being inspirational.

Welcome to my new blog

Posted in Bloggingon Sep 28, 2008

I’ve taken all my old blogs and have migrated them to a new blog here at It is still a work in progress, and I haven’t yet forwarded all my old pages yet, but all the old posts are moved and recategorized, and there will be no more posts to the old blogs.

Blogging complaints

Posted in Bloggingon Jun 30, 2008

I see blogging as the action of writing about and reviewing this thing called life. Sometimes that involves writing about what makes us happy, or what we are interested in. Sometimes it involves voicing an opinion. Other times, it may involve writing a negative review of some aspect of life.

Sometimes, others disagree with what is written.

So, here is my question to other bloggers out there: What sort of negative reactions have you see to your blog posts?

Have you been told to take an anger management class, to quit whining, or to get a life? Do you think these responses are justified?

Jaiku, the microblog

Posted in Bloggingon Apr 7, 2008

I’ve been playing around just a little bit with Jaiku. Its a microblog, or a presence indicator, or an online status syndicator, or something like that. My Jaiku is at I’ve found that they have strangely appropriate icons to use, and that jaiku isn’t always the easiest thing to type.

If any of my dedicated readers or friends want an invite, let me know. You’ll have to personally know me or have left a comment or something, and I’d be happy to help a friend out. If you are just stopping by hoping I’m giving out free invites, you should look somewhere else. (Hint: try Google searching “jaiku invites”)

On a New York Times blog, Stephen J. Dubner asks why people comment on blogs, although unfortunately, he didn’t provide any more insight over simply raising the questions.

It is a good topic, and I would love to know what causes people to leave a comment so I can facilitate more comments on my blog. I do know why I often don’t leave comments:

  1. Login Required. I hate having to create an account and log in just so I can leave a three sentence comment. The effort is too great.
  2. Nothing of value to add. While the post might have been great or insightful, I personally don’t have anything I could write that would add value to the topic, and I’m not going to spend time to sprawl garbage out on your post.
  3. If I’m going to add discussion to your presented topic, I might as well write it on my own blog so I can maintain ownership of what I’ve written.

If you have any reasons why you do or don’t write comments, please feel free to leave a comment. No login required.

Additional thoughts added March 21: Apparently, users on ZDNet are discussing talkbacks, which is what they call comments over there. I’ve been reading more and more ZDNet posts because I’ve seen them come up in my Personalized News Google Desktop Gadget. Every once in a while I want to add a comment to either add value to the discussion or to challenge the writer. When I hit the register screen, I give up, mostly because it looks too big scary. More than once I’ve written a slightly longer comment not knowing that I needed to be registered until after I tried to submit it.

I don’t know that ZDNet should eliminate registration altogether or allow fully-anonymous comments, but I do think they should make it easier by:

  1. Forcing authentication/registration before the comment form is shown
  2. Simplifying their new user registration form
  3. Allow alternate forms of authentication such as OpenID

I also have to admit to rarely reading other users’ comments. Although when I do make a comment somewhere, I like to read the replies to my comment.

Upgraded to WordPress 2.2

Posted in Bloggingon May 16, 2007

About 9 or 10 hours ago, WordPress 2.2 was released and announced. WordPress is free, open source software which used to create blogs, like this one, but can also be used as a simple content management system, like how I used it to create my mom’s business site.
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