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To dream of a platypus

Posted in Generalon Jul 1, 2008

A dream dictionary claims the following about dreaming about a platypus:

To see a platypus in your dream, suggests your tendency to wallow and dwell on your emotions. It may also suggest that your repressed thoughts and unconscious material are slowly coming to the surface and making their presence known. Alternatively, it is indicative of shyness and reservation, especially in social situations.

It didn’t specifically mention the meaning of dreaming of exactly two platypi.

How have you broken your phone?

Posted in Generalon Jun 16, 2008

Tell me your stories about how you have been separated with a working cell phone. Have you dropped your phone in the toilet? Has it just stopped working over time. Did it get hit by a car, or stolen on the pickpocket bus in Romania? Even if your story is not extremely interesting, drop a note so we can get an idea of what goes wrong with cell phones.

Beating death

Posted in Generalon Jun 6, 2008

I came across this headline today:

Man accused in beating death appears in court

At my first read, I thought it was talking about a man that beat death. I was hoping the article could tell me how to do the same: beat death and live forever. If this man had allegedly beat death, what is he doing in court?

Upon second look, I realized that it was a death by beating that he was accused of. If he had actually beat death, the headline would have read: Man accused of beating death appears in court. What a difference one little word can make.

Wells Fargo, stop calling me

Posted in Generalon May 27, 2008

Dear Wells Fargo,

I really want a bank that just keeps my money safe and accessible. I don’t want you calling me many times selling some soft of subscription package to your many programs. I signed up for the national do-not-call list, which means that I really don’t like being bothered my various offers made by calling me. Just because I bank with you, doesn’t mean that I really want to be bothered by you.

Tonight you called me, hiding the caller identification of the source call. Thats just plain sneaky, and something I wouldn’t expect from a bank that I would like to trust.

If you call me, I will refuse any offer you present. Please stop calling me. I told that last caller not to call me again. If I receive any more phone calls from you that do not directly concern my financial accounts, I will strongly consider moving my funds to a different institution.

July 17, 2008 update:
BOB, in comment 10180, was very nice to describe to me Wells Fargo’s privacy policy. According to his suggestion, I went to their website and found my privacy settings already set to the following:

My Wells Fargo Privacy Settings

My Wells Fargo Privacy Settings


So my question now is the following? Were my privacy settings always prohibiting contact? Or were they changed by the Wells Fargo representative who called me last with whom I requested that they no longer call me?

The good news is that I haven’t been called in quite a while. Also, now I know that any calls I may receive in the future are in contradiction to my privacy settings and against Wells Fargo’s privacy policy.

Does anyone know where I can find similar privacy settings on the Discover Card website?

Update July 24 Today I received another phone call which introduced itself as being associated with Wells Fargo. When I asked the guy if he was aware that I had specified in my Wells Fargo privacy settings that I wish not to be contacted, he asked me what privacy settings I was talking about, and then he suggested that my system was incorrect.

Way too much to see

Posted in Generalon Apr 1, 2008

At my place of work I now have two 24-inch monitors side by side connected to my Xeon workstation. I have Windows running on one screen, and Kubuntu running in a VM on the other screen.

At times, I’m a little overwhelmed about what to do with all that screen space. I leave my laptop closed so I don’t blow my mind.

Weather in Fort Collins

Posted in Generalon Mar 7, 2008

One thing I like about the weather in Fort Collins is that the actual current temperatures can actually be higher than the high for the day. Right now, for example, it is 55 degrees, even though Google only said the high was going to be 42.

Tomorrows predicted high is higher than todays predicted high, I wonder if that means that tomorrow will be warmer than it was today, which would be nice because I want to go hiking tomorrow.

Writing a book

Posted in Generalon Feb 28, 2008

If I were to write a book titled something like, “Jacob’s Insights,” or “101 Nonsenses,” or “Less about the turbo confabulator encabulator and more about everything else,” what should I put in it?

My current idea is to make it a collection of various things that I’ve written, some of which from this blog, some of which from other sources. What would be the most interesting things that I could put in the book?

Of course, I don’t think anyone but myself would be interested in owning a copy. However, thanks to on-demand publishing, I can print only the number of books that are wanted.