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Politicians these days

Posted in Funny, Politicson Oct 28, 2014

The Chicago Tribute had an interesting editorial about Obama’s secret surveillance programs. He references a press conference where Obama tried explaining away such programs with promises of transparency. Here is a choice paragraph from that editorial:

The president says he would have preferred “a lawful, orderly examination of these laws.” Whose fault is it that we didn’t have one? It’s only because of Snowden that the administration’s program has come under review. Before that, we didn’t know what there was to review. And the secrecy was Obama’s choice.

In fact, two years ago, Senator Wyden of Oregon asked the President to participate in an “orderly examination” of those laws. But that didn’t really happen.

The American Republic

Posted in Politicson Apr 4, 2013

Tocqueville-AlexisThe American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.

Alexis De Tocqueville 1805-1859

The problem: Our federal government has maxed out its credit cards.

Obama’s solution: Get more credit cards, and don’t negotiate with the Republicans about alternatives.

Republican’s solution: Go ahead and get more credit cards, but only if you reduce how much the government is spending.

I noticed that some of my payroll taxes were a little higher this month.  Yes, in spite of President Obama’s promise not to raise taxes.  Since I budget, a decrease in my take home pay requires me to cut some of my budget categories.  So I’ll be spending a little less on entertainment, personal care, travel, groceries, and hobbies.  Yes, when taxes go up, my spending goes down, dollar per dollar.  And that is how the economy is struggling to improve.

The war on the rich

Posted in Business, Politicson Dec 28, 2012

It seems that there is a war on the rich.  President Obama wants to raise taxes on the rich.  Occupy Wall Street was willing to camp in their own poop in order to protest the rich.  Even the latest Batman Rises movie had an apathetic theme about the rich.  But who are these people that so many people are so ready to hate?  A couple of the names from the Forbes 400 list:

  • Bill Gates – Founded Microsoft which directly employs 94,000
  • Larry Ellison – Co-founded Oracle which employs 115,166
  • Walton Family – Family of Sam Walton who founded Walmart which employs 2.2 million
  • Michael Bloomberg – Founder of Bloomberg LP which employs 13,000
  • Jeff Bezos – Founder of which employs 69,100


A dumb door to door solicitor

Posted in Funny, Politicson Dec 4, 2012

Fort Collins used to completely ban commercial solicitation, but was recently forced to allow it.  However, in allowing it, they put in place several provisions:

  • Door to door solicitors must obtain a permit from the city (the city performs at least a minimal background check)
  • Solicitors must wear a city-issued photo ID badge
  • Solicitation is only permitted between 9am and sunset
  • Resident can opt-out of commercial solicitation by adding their name to a city-maintained no-solicit list
  • Residents can opt-out of all solicitation by putting a “Do Not Solicit” notice on their door.

These provisions were intended to protect both the safety and privacy of Fort Collins residents.  Since both of those things are important to me, I placed my address on the do-not-solicit list.

I rarely have problems with solicitors.  Occasionally I get someone knocking on my door who wasn’t paying close enough attention to their list.  I usually remind them that we are on the no-solicit list and they very apologetically leave (quickly).  However, tonight’s solicitor was particularly dumb.

Some girl with a Direct TV badge came knocking on my door in the dark at about 7pm.  I informed her that I was on the no-solicit list.  She responded that she would gladly take us off her Direct TV list.  I told her that I shouldn’t be on her list in the first place, because I’m on the no-solicit list.  As I noticed that she didn’t have the city-issued solicitor badge, I informed her about the Fort Collins law and told her that it is illegal for her to be knocking on any doors without a permit, especially not doors like mine which are on the no-solicit list.  She told me that she was new to the area and was unaware of the solicitation laws, apologized, and left.

I usually feel a little bad when I have to tell a solicitor that they’ve made a mistake.  I mean, they’re just trying to do their job.  But what happened next with this Direct TV girl made me wish that I was a little more firm and direct.

Two minutes later, she knocks on my door again.  When I open the door and she sees me, she says, “Have I already knocked on your door?”  To which I respond, “What are you still doing knocking on doors?  I told you it is illegal!”  She runs off, probably just to knock on my neighbor’s door.

The poor girl.  Apparently she was not with it enough to figure out which doors she has knocked on, but then to make the mistake of knocking on the same door twice with the guy who lectured her on the solicitation laws.