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Posted in Socialon Jan 19, 2007

Happy birthday Heather!

I’m sitting in class right now and I swear that I can smell blueberry pancakes.  I want some right now!

I am so glad that it is Friday, I definitely need to get to the weekend.

Protected: The seven year mirror

Posted in Socialon Jan 16, 2007

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Finding the someone

Posted in Socialon Dec 31, 2006

I’ve heard a number of my friends and other people talk about “meeting someone” or “finding an eternal companion.”

These phrases seem a little odd to me.  They always seem to allude that the particular someone special is a person we haven’t met yet.  I think it may be unfair to think this way.  There are always possibilities that we will marry someone we have already met, but haven’t yet dated.

I think single people should keep an open mind about who they might eventually marry, and not limit their potential companions to those they haven’t yet met.

Furthermore, if singles put themselves in the mind-frame that they will marry someone they haven’t yet met, then they risk creating a habit of always looking for the next person, whom they will never actually find.

Facebook friend grid

Posted in Socialon Oct 11, 2006

Facebook is a social networking site that allows you to post a picture and have links to friends. On Facebook, you can view all your friends photos as a grid. To do this, select “My Friends” from the left menu, and then select “—-” from the drop down menu next to the text “Show.” Normally it will show “All Friends” or “Recently Updated” friends, but if you select to show “—-” then you get the grid. These images here are scaled down because I have so many friends it would take too much space to show everyone in full size.
Facebook Friends 1
Facebook Friends 2

Thanks for the text

Posted in Socialon Sep 14, 2006

I got an unexpected text message on my phone today from a friend. It made me feel, well, liked. Thanks. Update,17 Sept: Oh, and phone calls are pretty fabtabulous too.


Posted in Socialon Aug 24, 2006

Its long, curly and soft

–Carson about his chest hair.