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Olympic baseball stats

Posted in Sportson Jul 31, 2008

Here are a few statistics about Baseball at the Olympics:
2004 Olympic Medalists
Gold: Cuba
Silver: Australia
Bronze: Japan

2000 Olympic Medalists
Gold: USA
Silver: Cuba
Bronze: Korea

All-time medal leaders
Cuba (3 Gold, 1 Silver)
USA (1 Gold, 1 Bronze)
Japan (1 Silver, 2 Bronze)

And some background information from Wikipedia:

Baseball became an official sport at the 1992 Summer Olympics, with the familiar eight team tournament. Players were required to be amateurs. The tournament consisted of a round-robin, in which teams played each of the other teams, followed by semifinals and finals. The format of the competition has remained the same since then, with the only major change being that starting in 2000 players were not required to be amateurs.

Who do you think will win gold?

Posted in Sportson Jul 30, 2008

Participate in my little competition by picking the teams that will go gold:
(This form will only be open until August 6th)

I’ve been researching various Olympic statistics in preparation of the Summer Olympics. Here are some stats about Women’s Handball at the Summer Games. (Source: Wikipedia)

2004 Medalists:
Gold: Denmark
Silver: South Korea
Bronze: Ukraine

All-time top medal leaders:
Denmark (3 golds)
South Korea (2 golds, 3 silvers)
Soviet Union (2 golds, 1 bronze)
Yugoslavia (1 gold, 1 silver)
Norway (2 silver, 1 bronze)
Hungary (1 silver, 2 bronze)

NBC Predictions
Gold: Norway
Silver: Russia
Bronze: Romania

On the first day of 2008, Georgia football beat Hawaii in the sugar bowl, 41-10. Normally, a team from the a conference like that WAC isn’t even invited to play in a BCS like the Sugar Bowl. However, Hawaii’s undefeated season won them that rare opportunity this year, even though they never played an opponent that was nationally ranked.

Had Hawaii won, it would have made a strong argument that any team that can go undefeated should go to a big-time bowl. Hawaii’s loss, however, suggests that a football program needs to do more than simply go a season without loosing. Consider this Sugar Bowl story quote from writer Steve Megargee:

Usually when a top team from a BCS conference faces an upstart from a less established league, the BCS program is going to win. Even in a year as crazy as this one.

BYU isn’t one of those teams blessed to belong to a BCS conference. In order for BYU to ever play in a bowl games like the Sugar Bowl, BYU will have to be ranked as one of the very top football teams in the country (probably top-10). That ranking will be even more difficult now that Hawaii, ranked number 10 before their loss, has shown that simply being undefeated isn’t proof of a great football team.

BYU is going to have to do more than play great and win all their games. BYU will have to do that against other teams that are considered great.

Good news comes from the fact that even though the BYU’s Mountain West Conference isn’t a BCS conference, 4 of the 5 teams from the conference that played in various (smaller) bowl games won those games.

BYU in the Vegas Bowl

Posted in Sportson Dec 7, 2007

BYU will play UCLA in the 2007 Las Vegas Bowl. BYU comes into the bowl with a 10-2 record, finishing first in the Mountain West Conference after defeating every other team in the conference. UCLA comes to the bowl with a 6-6 record, finishing 5th in the Pac-10 conference.

Interestingly, this will the the second meeting of the two teams this year. One of BYU’s two losses on the season was at UCLA when the cougars lost 17 to 27. This means that BYU will have time to revenge the loss from earlier in the season.

BYU and UCLA will meet again in the 2008 football season.

BYU basketball now ranked

Posted in Sportson Nov 26, 2007

BYU’s mens’ basketball team is off to a great start. Their record is 5-1, with their only loss to the number 1 ranked team, but only after they knocked of the number 6 team. This record has helped BYU to become ranked in both the AP Top 25 poll and the USA Today/ESPN poll. In the AP poll BYU is ranked 21, and in the ESPN poll, they are ranked 23.

While BYU seems to be doing well, I am not yet convinced that this is the best BYU basketball team that I’ve ever seen. They seem solid, but I keep on waiting for something more magical.

Perhaps the success is in BYU’s starting lineup, who play very well together and are getting better with every game they play. I’m concerned though that the bench is kind of weak.

mtn. announcers are dumb

Posted in Sportson Nov 26, 2007

Unlike last year, this year I was able to attend the BYU vs. Utah game, and it was incredible. I was re-watching a recording of the end of this year’s game from Saturday, and with 1:13 left in the game, 4th down and 19 to go, the announcers made this comment:

Final play of the game offensively for BYU

The actual last offensive play of the game for BYU came some 35 seconds of play clock later, as Max Hall threw a two point conversion pass to Collie just after Unga ran the ball in for a touch down, giving BYU a 7 point lead.

Please, announcers on the mtn. channel, don’t say a play is the last of the game unless it actually is.