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You minus I, a year-long reply

Posted in Writingson Aug 30, 2008

About a year ago, I told you, you’re wrong
I even wrote it in a poem or a song
Now I repent, and say you were right
But I’ll never forget that starlit night.

In time thats pass, I’ve still called you friend
But never an email, I did send
Here is an idea–I hope I don’t miss
I’ll add you to my Christmas card list.

Writing surprise

Posted in Writingson Jun 28, 2008

I never knew you were a writer
It makes me want to aspire higher
And sleep in ’till mornings end
To dream of the author’s pen.

Wondrous words

Posted in Writingson Apr 19, 2008

Wondrous words never knew where
They floated along, without any care
Blind and mute, they were so naive,
Now the emotions, together they weave.

If I were to write a poem with one word,
some people would think the author absurd.
The word with friends might make a sentence,
Yet alone is the word, it doesn’t make sense.

So the wondrous words somehow found friends;
Even punctuation, they found at the ends.
They made apple pie and shared a good slice,
Because friends are found, when words are nice.

Crazy red backpack girl

Posted in Writingson Sep 14, 2007

Incidental glance without recognition,
Mistakes made now haunt me,
Because the possibilities turn beginningless,
And the clouds would rain if they only had tears.

Insufficient capacity to do more than nothing,
So many ideas moving omnidirectionally,
Lightning in the distance might almost bring hope,
If only it had the deep friendship of thunder rolling.

Yellow picnic table flowed sweetness like fountains,
Now more stale than dust in an empty canteen,
Just the reflections of a fruit lemonade,
No more will the sparkles be lost in the winds of tomorrow.

A poetic post

Posted in Writingson Jul 16, 2007

If I were to search from coast to coast
I’d find one thing I’d like better than toast
It’s quite amazing; though I don’t mean to boast
Your friendship to me is what matters the most.

Quotes and notes

Posted in Writingson Jun 19, 2007

Of all the Facebook features I like
the ones I use, I think their alright
You share quotes and notes Read the rest of this entry »

I never knew such a man

Posted in Writingson Jun 3, 2007

Of all the tales from Spain to Japan,
I never knew of such a man
Who could be so deeply moved,
when a just a drop of love was proved.

One bit of appreciation from this man’s friends
Meant more to him than oceans with ends
Why love meant so much is curious
Regarding giving, this man was generous

He gave what he had, given so freely
Delivered with pleasure, better than Mr. McFeely
He tried to give, oh, so much more
But some strangers, on him slammed the door

The greatest return he expected, a smile
Anything more, and he would fly a mile
This man, he does love you
So be his friend, and return love true.