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Get Smart Quick with Mozart

Posted in Writingson Apr 21, 2007

If you were to walk across a typical university campus, you would most likely see many students with little white iPod earphones, listening to music. It is nearly impossible to ride public transportation without seeing someone listening to their portable music device. Just about everywhere you go, people listening to music. Music has found its role in just about every aspect of modern life. From television programming to shopping establishments, music has the potential to influence our moods and behaviors (Bruner 94).

Flooding our environment with tunes everywhere, music has the potential to influence our intellectual development. Can particular listening habits increase our intelligence? This question was made famous by a 1993 article in Nature magazine titled “Music and Spatial Task Performance” by university professors Frances Rauscher, Gordon Shaw, and Katherine Ky. They presented research results that suggest that, after listening to Mozart, college students increased their scores on spatial sub-tests in the Stanford-Binet IQ test (611). The spatial sub-tests measure a person’s ability to reason and mentally manipulate shapes and figures. In their research, students listened to about ten minutes of Mozart’s Piano Sonata, and subsequently scored eight to nine IQ points higher on spatial tests taken within ten minutes of music listening. Students did not improve in IQ tests taken later than fifteen minutes after listening to Mozart, nor they did they improve their IQ tests after sitting in silence or listening to relaxation instructions (Hetland 105).
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Protected: Writing

Posted in Writingson Dec 18, 2006

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Wishing well

Posted in Writingson Dec 7, 2006

Wishing Well picWishing well, wishing well
cast me a spell
Release me from prison
and release me from hell

help me find beauty
help me rebel
wishing well send me
from this jail cell

someone is out there
someone who cares
help me to find her
and answer my prayers

I’ll donate a penny
I’ll donate a thought
wishing well grant me
the desires I sought

Some of us wonder
and some of us pray
grant us our wishes
while its still today

But while we sit wishing
the opportunities fly
so get off your fanny
and find your sweet pie.

Without words

Posted in Writingson Jul 16, 2006

Without words, I could perfectly describe exactly how I feel. With words, not so much.

But if I could just walk away
I wouldn’t know which words to say
but if you want I’ll try to stay
so tell me
whats the key

And if I love you, tell me will you
If I’m lonely destined, throw me a clue


Posted in Writingson Mar 14, 2006

I have for you a fruit pie
all you need to know is why
what you have to do…
is figure out the clue
which is, mathematically,
the date, numerically.

(To win you must post a comment by midnight. Sorry that I didn’t give you any more time.)

Mending the fence

Posted in Writingson Mar 2, 2006

The fence between us
separated east from west
Stood once strong like iron
headaches not cured by aspirin

One word of kindness
almost cured the blindness
The fence began to fall
weakened was the wall

But then jealous intents
East’s words made no sense
Made the fense need fixing
now it inhibits further mixing.