7 Early Signs of a Baby on Way


Once you decide to have a baby, every month is a wait. Interestingly, for most women, pregnancy symptoms start exhibiting way earlier than a missed period. Women are also known to have an instinct – yes, ‘a being pregnant’ intuition that is usually true.

Read more to find out more symptoms to assess if you are indeed in the family way or not.

1) Mood swings

If you suddenly start feeling agitated and irritated, more than the typical PMS kind of thing – you should go and get those pregnancy test strips. Mood swings start with the onset of pregnancy and perhaps never end – because, thanks to motherhood, the hormones probably never get back to the pre-pregnancy state!

2) Fatigue

Progesterone is the hormone to blame here but first trimester has its own kind of tiredness and fatigue. It also causes certain dizziness. Coupled with usually low sugar and blood pressure levels, you are pretty much bound to feel fatigued and wanting to rest most of the time.

3) Nausea and Morning Sickness

While you may not actually faint in early pregnancy, you are sure to feel nausea and a sudden reaction to various smells, good or bad. This is because your sense of smell also gets sharper when your womb is hosting your little one. Result is that you might feel nausea, tiredness, vomiting in severe cases and a quaint uneasiness. Sadly though, morning sickness is not limited to morning times only as its name suggests. You can feel these symptoms any time of the day.

4) Food cravings

Food cravings also start rather early in pregnancy before you actually need those extra calories. Hormonal changes again are the culprit here. The fact is that these hormonal changes occur very rapidly during the first trimester when the body is adjusting to all the changes. Hence, food cravings and aversions start real soon and continue till you actually deliver the baby.

Word of caution: they’ll continue if you continue to nurse. They will also continue until your babies are no longer babies. Who said motherhood is easy and not fun?

5) Swollen breasts

Tender and sore breasts are often a very early sign that you have finally conceived. While uneasiness is breasts is a common sign before your monthly period cycle too, the heaviness you feel If you are pregnant is more and different than the regular, monthly thing.

6) Cramping and Bleeding

Implantation bleeding is also a sure sign of pregnancy. It is different than the regular menstrual bleeding. Implantation bleeding is lighter, more like spotting and usually earlier than the regular period date. In most cases it will also be accompanied by abdominal cramps and lower back pain.

7) Other common symptoms

In addition to all of the above, it is pretty much normal to feel light-headed and giddy in first trimester. Some women even complain of headaches too. Some have to visit the loo more frequently while some get constipated. Interestingly, for some women, hardly any symptom is strong enough to be felt and they sail through the nine months in a very much casual way.

Weather you are pregnant or planning to conceive soon, we wish you a smooth pregnancy!


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