BYU should use parking meters

Posted in Educationon Feb 2, 2009

A Parking Meter

A Parking Meter

Like many university campuses, parking is a problem at Brigham Young University. All the parking lots near campus are reserved for faculty, forcing students to park off campus and walk to class. While this situation isn’t that bad, it can be very difficult for those who are taking a big project to campus for a class, or those who just need to drop an assignment off or talk briefly to a professor.

I suggest that BYU should convert a few of their prime parking spots to paid parking with parking meters. They would allow for those few students who have a special situation requiring them to park close to do so, while raising parking revenue for BYU.

The cost of parking should be high enough so only the students who have a dire need would use them, and the maximum time allowed should be somewhere in between 30 and 75 minutes, so that students couldn’t park there all day using up the prime spot.

Parking metered spots should be placed near campus classrooms, but only one or two per lot so that they don’t seriously displace staff and faculty parking.

I think it is a win-win situation.  Students have one more parking choice, and BYU can raise additional money.  

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