Google+ Pages. Singular or plural?

Posted in Funnyon Nov 7, 2011

Dear Google+,

I went to create a page at Google+ Pages and I saw this notice:

I may be a computer geek, but I also appreciate correct grammar, and I’m seeing some inconsistencies in text of the popup notice.

Since the noun “pages” is plural, I would expect it to be used with a plural form of the verb: “are.” Instead, I’m seeing “pages is not” which is certainly incorrect. But I am able to explain it away because you could read it as, “The product offering, Google+ Pages, is not ready for everyone.” In this case, it might make sense to keep the verb in the singular form.

But wait! If you read the explanation text, Google suddenly refers to pages as “them,” which is certainly plural.

So what is it, Google? Is your Google+ Pages offering not ready? Or are you still releasing them to everyone?

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