Police Beat: pricing stolen clothes

Posted in Funnyon Feb 5, 2009

The latest Police Beat escaped from BYU.  I’ve got a few questions to ask about some of the entries.

Feb. 2: Laundry was stolen from a laundromat at Wymount Terrace. The clothes are valued at $300.

I don’t know about you, but I have no idea how much the clothes in a load of laundry are worth.  My thinking would probably go something like, “I think I had a pair of pants… no… two pairs… I bought them at Kohl’s maybe?  They were $23 each, or were they on sale for $17?  I had some socks in the load as well.  Do clothes depreciate in value if they are worn?  How many socks would I have had in the load, and should I count the sock that is suppose to go missing in the dryer? Then there was that shirt… what is my current subtotal?  Oh, yeah, I forgot to add in the socks…”

Feb. 2: A male student set off a stairwell alarm in the HBLL after entering the off-limits area to talk on his cell phone. When a security guard asked the student to leave the area, the student was aggressive and repeatedly used foul language. Police were called, and the student was banned from the library for 72 hours. The case is currently under investigation with charges pending.

Some people and their cell phones!  Quick sanity check: if you set off an alarm and a security guard asks you to leave the area, is arguing using foul language going to actually help you at all?  Maybe the library needs to install cones of silence for people to use when talking on their phone so they don’t have to go exploring.

Feb. 2: A suspicious man was reported entering the new OIT building on the west side of campus. Police responded and discovered the man was a subcontractor working on the heating system.

What makes a man suspicious?  I’m just curious.  I’ve got a feeling, at BYU, a suspicious man would look just like any other man, except with some facial hair.  ‘Cause that is how it rolls down in Provo.

Jan. 31: Two intoxicated men were using foul language while waiting at the bus stop east of the Wilkinson Center. The men were not allowed on public transportation due to their drunken state and called a friend to come pick them up. Both men have a criminal history and are not affiliated with BYU.

So we don’t want drunks to drive, but we also don’t allow them to take the bus?  Although I understand that public intoxication is a public nuisance, it seems like a slight mixed message to say, don’t drive, but we’re not going to let you take the bus either.



February 5th, 2009 at 9:57 am

Ok, here is the thing. When your stuff is stolen (mine was actually stolen by my university, not students, but the school just for reference) you do not record the price you paid you record the price it is worth. It isn’t like you can just stop by and pick up a pair of pants at the corner store. So even if you bought the pants on sale for 10 bux to replace them is going to cost you the full price of the pants plus time and gas to get to the store to buy them. Besides some people (not me) do spend waaaayyyyy more money on clothes than I do


February 5th, 2009 at 12:48 pm

That was a good read. Really, really enjoyable. I especially appreciated the commentary. And especially the commentary on the clothes. I could hear you having that conversation in my head as I read it.

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