Ensuring Home Safety – The Critical How’s


There is no place like home. You travel around the world yet the feel of your own space is matchless. However, it is not just an emotional bond that makes our house, a home. A lot of our efforts go into ensuring that the space we call our home is actually safe and secure and bears minimum risks of accidents. Here we have listed some tips to prevent accidents and burglars.

1) Know people around

A wise idea to begin with is to know the people around. Living in a neighborhood where you are aware of other people’s backgrounds and whereabouts creates an overall environment of security.

2) Security camera

The digital world today offers a handful of gadgets to ensure surveillance. Security camera is one such tool. You can get one installed in your house for making sure it is being watched all the time. Also video recording and relaying are useful features that help keeping intruders scared and hence, away.

3) Secure the garage

Ensuring a well-lit house and especially the garage is a key to a secure house. The less spots for burglars to hide, the more is the security of your house.

4) Smart lock

Smart locks are easier to manage as they give you a wide range of options. They can be operated from a distance. They use number codes or your finger prints as keys so no need to panic about lost or stolen keys.

5) Smart doorbell

Smart doorbells serves as an intelligent way to hide that you are not home. They are connected with internet and notify you on your cellphone of guest arrival. They let you view your space from remote locations, video-stream, and communicate two-ways. It is hard to guess from outside if you are actually home or not.

6) Motion sensor outdoor lights

These motion sensor outdoor lights should be placed at critical spots – all entries and sensitive areas where a potential burglar can hide. Dark areas are a safe haven for burglars to hide and plot their next move. Better keep them at bay using these smart tools.

7) Vigilance for electric appliances

It is not just the outdoors, but indoors also need a vigilant approach for ensuring safety and security. No electrical connections should be let loose. Any problem must be fixed there and then. Electric appliances must be kept out of kids’ reach. Connection points must be safety plugged and child proofed.

8) Precautions while repair work

It is especially important to keep a close eye on happenings around the house when a repair or maintenance work is being done. Such times are particularly vulnerable for accidents and mishaps. Tools must be repacked immediately and repair staff must be hired after due diligence. Kids must be supervised all the time while the staff does the needful.

Once you are done with installing the right security systems, keep a close eye on your surroundings.While a proactive approach is the best way to combat security issues, it is wise to train your kids and practice safety drills as a family. Everyone should know how to behave in possible scenarios that we sincerely hope you never have to encounter.


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