How To Pay Your Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO) Bill

pso-oklahomaIf you are a customer of AEP / Public Service Company of Oklahoma, you have several options to pay your monthly PSO bill. You can pay:

  • Online: to make a payment online. If you do not sign up for Auto Pay (payments taken from bank account automatically each month) or Paperless Billing, you will be charged an extra $2.95 fee to pay online.
  • By Mail: Send your payment to the following address: Public Service Company of Oklahoma, P.O. Box 24404, Canton, OH, 44701-4404
  • By Phone: The AEP Ohio bill payment phone number is 1-800-611-0964. Note that there is an extra $2.95 fee to pay by telephone.
  • In Person: There are many where you can pay, but note that many of them will charge a small fee to accept your payments.