How To Pay Your RITA Tax Bill

ritaIf you live in an Ohio city or town that is part of the Regional Income Tax Agency, or RITA, you will pay your local income taxes to RITA instead of directly to your city of residence. You can file and pay your RITA taxes in either of two ways:

  • Online: Head to the RITA home page at and choose Individuals or Businesses to get started.
  • By Mail: If you completed Form 37, send your completed tax return and payment to the following address: RITA, P. O. Box 6600, Cleveland, Ohio 44101-2004. If you completed Form 37B, send it to RITA, P.O. Box 94652, Cleveland, OH 44101-4652. If you are not paying or you are getting a refund, go here to find other mailing addresses. NOTE: You may be able to use RITA’s Autocalc return service if you are mailing your return. (However, Autocalc is not possible for many situations.)