Hand sanitizers at gas stations

Posted in Insightson Oct 11, 2011

I find it curios and odd to find hand sanitizer dispensers at gas stations.  The dispensers give you a little squirt of some alcohol-based gell, which does a pretty good job at killing germs that are on your hand.  If you are worried about picking up germs from touching the gas pump, then these dispensers will calm your worries.

I suspect that most people who pump gas at a gas station are worried about gas getting on their hands.  The thing is, gasoline isn’t going to give you a disease, and it isn’t filled full of germs.  In fact, gasoline is about as germ-free as the hand sanitizer.  If you get gas on your hands, what you really want is good old soap, which will break down the oils from the gasoline and remove it from your hands.

So while I appreciate the the sanitizer dispensers at gas stations, they really aren’t the most ideal for getting gas off your hands.

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October 13th, 2011 at 7:21 am

Actually I have a small bottle of hand sanitizer in my car which most often gets used after I fill the car. I don’t really want to think too much about where other peoples hands have been before they pull out that pump to put gas in their cars. I have to touch that pump handle every time. Getting gasoline on my hands seldom happens.

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