I almost feel like I’m cheating

Posted in Lifeon Nov 8, 2008

I’ve been doing some very careful shopping recently, and I almost feel like its cheating.

For example, did you know that a string of 50 mini- Christmas lights costs more than a string of 100 at Walmart?  So if you want just a small string of 50, buy it at Target instead.

If you need an indoor timer to turn your Christmas lights on and off at programmed times, Target has the best deal on an mechanical appliance timmer.  You can use a three-prong plug and is rated for 1875 watts, so you can use it for a TV or pretty much whatever.  At Target this costs $4.99.  This is within a dollar of any mechanical electric timer, but it as capable as the ones that typically cost twice as much.

I’ve done the math, and it turns out that if you use LED lights instead of mini-lights, it probably isn’t the best use of your money.  The LED lights cost so much more, that it would take you many years save enough on electricity to make it worth it.  The story changes, however, when you start using LED lights instead of the bigger lights (C7 or C9) that are typically used on houses outdoors.  In those cases your lights might not be as bright, but you might save some green.

I was at King Soopers (a grocery story) tonight with my girlfriend, and Sandy spotted this nice looking casserole dish.  The sign said $5, which I considered to be a good price, so I decided to get one.  When checking out, Sandy noticed that it rang up for a few dollars more, at which point I decided to not get it afterall.  So I told them that I didn’t want it if it was going to be more, and so they did a price check for me.  Turns out that King Soopers has a policy that says that if the price on the shelf is more than the cash register price, you get the item for free.  So I got the cassarole dish for free, all thanks to Sandy.

Also, King Soopers currently has a sale where if you buy 10 items from their special sale list, then you get 50 cents off each item.  I bought a pair of cans of evaporated milk for some pies I plan on making.  They were on sale for a dollar each, but then I got 50 cents off from their promotion.  But then I used a “get 50 cents off when you buy two” coupon, which was doubled.  So I ended up getting them for free.

Also, I was at Albertson’s (another grocery store) yesterday, and I noticed that their pre-make pie crusts were on sale for a dollar, so I bought one.  Today I realized that it was a pretty good price so I decided to buy another but found a note that said that the sale price was incorrect and the price was corrected.  So I sure got a deal yesterday, I just wish I had bought more at the time.

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November 9th, 2008 at 2:16 pm

Definitely not cheating! Just wise shopping my friend. And made for a really enjoyable post. Also, I appreciate the appropriate credit for the free casserole dish. It just leads to one question: Jacob, what would you do if I died? 🙂

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