Best Ways to Lose Extra Mommy Fats


Mommies all over the world struggle heard to ensure their kids eat well and gain weight fast. Ironically, in most of the cases it is not the kids, rather the mommies who put on weight too quickly. Also, thanks to the 24/7 nature of motherhood; losing weight becomes more challenging. However, what needs to be emphasized is that reducing the extra pounds is not only physically healthy, but also makes a mommy at peace with her looks. And happy mommies raise happy kids. So read on to find out our tried and tested tips for reducing weight.

1) Begin with Portion Control

Now this might be tricky for mommies who are expecting or nursing babies, but this is critical. Start off by watching the quantities you consume. Research says shifting to a smaller platter also helps.

2) Eat clean

Clean eating is a lifestyle whereby you avoid sugary, oily, fried and processed food. Don’t be scared if that sounds awful because it is not. You actually switch to healthier versions. Grilled or baked instead of deep fried, honey instead of sugar, oats flour instead of white flour and so on. You try to consume more and more vegies and fruits and less and less pizzas and burgers until this becomes a second nature.

3) More Meals

As much as this sounds counter-intuitive; try not to get to the ‘real hungry’ stage. The easiest way is to increase your number of meals per day and off course limit per meal quantity. Munching with healthy snacks like nuts and fruits twice a day boosts metabolism and also prevents you from eating unhealthy food in large quantity.

4) Start your day like a Queen

Although difficult when mornings mean hungry kids jumping around you and pulling your night-suit off; always remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Prepare meals in advance if you can. Couple of recipes can be made before-hand and saved for busy mornings e.g. overnight oats or egg muffins to name a few. Yes you can thank us later for this awesome and time saving hack. When you have a healthy and fulfilling breakfast, there are less chances of falling in for the creamy pasta or butter—filled brownie. Oh and who can forget the chocolate? Well you have to, if you want to lose weight.

5) Workout

Burn those calories! Find time for yourself and hit the gym. If you can’t go out, try workout at home. You can start with Leslie walks. And build on it later depending on your individual needs. But workout makes you shed extra pounds and also lifts your mood – both very important for mommy-life.

6) Treat yourself weekly

While you do want to get back to your pre-pregnancy jeans; you certainly do not need to be hard to yourself. You can fix a day a week on which you can have a cheat meal. This is a great way to help you from getting off-the-track on other days.

Beware; there should be no quick fixes for losing weight. No herbal medicines or weight-loss drink can lead to a sustainable reduction of weight. The best way is to develop and lead a healthy lifestyle that aids you in staying in an ideal weight range and physically fit.


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