The Perfect Room for your Kids


The ideas of an immaculately designed, instagram worthy nursery start rushing in a mommy’s brain once the baby is conceived. However, as they grow up; their unending baby gear transforms into books,toys, supplies of crafts, and what not. It is then that parents realize the importance of a well-planned kids’ bedroom.

So here we present to you some tips and tricks to a fully-functional and awesome looking kids’ bedroom.

1) Color and themes

The look and feel of a room plays a vital role in the sort of ambience it provides to kids. The color of walls or the theme followed gives an instant impression as well as a long lasting effect. For babies, use light and soothing colors. For elder kids, it is a nice idea to follow a theme based on their favorite character. Their room should be like a home within a home.

2) Wall décor

Once you have decided on the overall color combination or theme, next step is to decorate the walls. There are a couple of options depending on your budget, time at-hand and dexterity with crafts. The simplest way is to use removable wall stickers. You can also use stencils to paint the wall yourself. Kids’ artwork can also come in handy if you are blessed with a little artist at home.

3) The ceiling

Plenty of star stickers are available that shine in dark. These are an ever-green tool too light up the ceiling and give a natural effect to kids’ room.

4) The Right Bed

Depending on how many kids are going to use the room; choose the right furniture. Single beds, bunk bed or queen sized bed are different options to explore. If you have space constraint, you can also get storage included beds. They safe space as well as help in organizing the clutter.

5) Study corner

A fully-functional kids’ room contains a peaceful corner for study. This means a comfortable, well-lit place for reading and writing. The right study table plays a critical role.

6) Wall for the books

The study corner is incomplete without a bookshelf. You can use old-school wooden bookshelf if you do not have space issues. You can also opt for contemporary designed wall-shelves. They not only jazz up the look of the room but are also relatively safer for smaller kids. This ‘wall for books’ can be decorated with the wooden letters available that say ‘READ’ or ‘DREAM’ to spur kids’ creativity.

7) Magnet/chalk/Lego wall

You can place magnet board or black board to a wall and let them play with different magnets, alphabets, or chalk. You can also dedicate one wall for Lego and place baseplates on part of it. This will keep them busy in their space. Also, there will hardly be anything to pickup from floor after play-time.

Learning, fun and not so much clutter! Good deal, no?

With kids, the most important thing to remember is to never apply the cookie-cutter approach. When you have elder kids, make them a part of the process of setting up their room. The more they participate, they more they own it. Perhaps, this way, they’ll actively keep it spick and span when you are too tired to clean their room.


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