The difference between a mega-church and a mormon temple

Posted in Religionon Apr 5, 2011

For many religious faiths, the most cherished of religious buildings are giant mega-churches where thousands of people can worship all together. This is great, and I respect their ability to create such buildings to help people grow and increase their faith in God.

For mormons, the most cherished of religious buildings are temples, but they are quite different than mega-churches of other faiths. It is understandably easy to confuse temples with mega-churches because of the way their respective parishioners cherish both types of buildings.

Mormon temples aren’t meant to accomodate large groups of people. While a mega-church may be designed for preaching to several thousands of people at once, temples are designed for small groups of people (sometimes just a couple of dozen) throughout the entire day, 6 days a week. This means that the traffic and parking concerns that sometimes accompany mega-churches aren’t applicable to mormon temples.

Instead of size, mormon temples place an emphasis on symbolism and elegance. Rather than a place of congregation, they are built as a place of peaceful reflection.

So don’t make the mistake of confusing mega-churches with temples. While they are both cherished buildings by their respective faiths, they are really quite different.

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