Why I won’t be feeding the Elders again

Posted in Religionon May 27, 2009

A few weeks ago, I signed up to feed the full time missionary Elders serving in my ward.  I forgot about it until I received a phone message from them yesterday morning when they called to say:

We’re just giving you a call we saw that you signed up for feeding us today and so we’re just wondering what time would work for you so give us a call back and let us know and we’ll talk to you soon thanks bye.

So I look at my schedule and came up with a plan to make some home made pizza out of some leftovers in my fridge.  I was about to give them a call back and let them know that they should come over at 6, when they called me.

In their phone call, they explained that they had a very packed schedule and asked if I could bring some food over to the institute building for them.  Pretty much they said, “Can you deliver our dinner to us”?  I figured that I had signed up to feed them and if they were really busy, then I could probably help them out.

I left work early, stopping by Warmart to buy a take-and-bake pizza.  I then drove like 15 minutes to the institute building on the other side of Fort Collins, and threw the pizza in the oven.

I started looking around the institute building for the Elders, but I couldn’t find them.  Eventually, I found their shoes on a shelf, and inside their shoes, their schedule.  So I looked through their schedule to discover that they were away playing frisby.

So pretty much, I spent extra money and about 45 minutes of time to buy and take them a pizza because their schedule was too busy playing ultimate frisby.

I won’t be volunteering to feed them again.



May 27th, 2009 at 1:23 pm

Seems like maybe they have priority issues


May 27th, 2009 at 2:29 pm

Not all experiences are like this (as I’m sure you know). Some missionaries have really messed up priorities, but by and large, they’re a good group of people out serving the best they can.


May 27th, 2009 at 2:34 pm

This particular set of missionaries usually does a pretty good job, and I’ll continue to work with them (even though I just got released as ward mission leader). I just won’t be feeding them any more because I don’t believe that supporting the missionaries should include a food delivery service.

The sister missionaries serving in my ward are awesome. They’ve always showed up for appointments. They coordinate well with the ward in scheduling baptisms and such. And they leave little thank you notes in places where you don’t expect when they come and visit.

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