Discover Checking Account

Posted in Reviewson Jun 21, 2018

While Discover is mostly known as a credit card company, they also offer some basic banking products (and you don’t have to have their credit card to use them).   One of their best products is their Cashback Checking accounts.  The highlight of this account is that you get 1% cash back on all debit card transactions.  This is a good way to get cash back if you can’t qualify for a cashback credit card, or don’t want a credit card, or shop frequently at stores (Winco Grocery) that only accept debit cards.

Some other highlights of this account:

  • No monthly fee
  • No minimum balance
  • Free ATM access to many ATMs, but you’ll need to figure out which ones are in their network (mostly ATMs at 7-Eleven stores and select small credit unions or local banks)
  • Free Paper Checks
  • Deposit checks into your account by taking pictures of your check with their Mobile App

Accounts can only be opened by those 18 years or older.

A drawback is that there are no local branches, so if you’re the type of person who wants to walk into a bank frequently, this may not be for you.  But you can easily link this account to external accounts so that you can transfer money around as needed.

As with all of my recommendations, I recommend you do your own research and understand the full terms before opening an account.

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