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Posted in Reviewson Jun 20, 2018

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting about several financial products that may be of interest.  I’m primarily doing this because I want to be able to help my friends and readers make extra money each year.  I don’t want to be pushy about this, which is why I’m posting this information in a take-it-or-leave-it way on a blog.

I’ll be posting reviews about banking accounts, credit cards, investment services, and coupon and rebate programs.

If there are any products where I might earn a referral fee, I’ll clearly state that.

Now let me say a few words about credit cards in general:

  • Make the decision to never carry a balance from one month to the next on your credit cards.  Then you can pick credit cards based on the rewards, not on the rates.
  • Know your credit score, and unless it is excellent, make a plan to improve it.
  • Having no credit cards or loans does NOT mean you have good credit.  It means you have no credit, which is often treated similarly to having bad credit.
  • Credit card issuers have been creating new credit cards with better benefits for people with better credit.  If you’ve recently improved your credit score, or if you haven’t shopped for a new card in a while, you may find that more rewarding cards are available since that last time you’ve looked.
  • Be very careful about cards that require a membership or a annual fee.  At some point you may wish to not pay for the membership or annual fee, and closing that card can negatively effect your credit score.  You can avoid most negative impacts when closing any card if you have other cards with a good long history and credit limit.

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