How to Spend Wisely on Family Trips


There are very few people who have endless budgets for vacations, that too with kids. Family trips are very important for the right exposure for kids and a break from the otherwise hectic routine. However, it is equally critical that one does not end up spending a huge fortune on family trips.

Here we present some practical tips for saving money while vacationing with kids:

1) Plan well in advance

The major chunk of expense of family trips lies in airfare. So if you plan in advance and try to book early, you might actually get a rather cheap deal for your tickets. Now you can use the saved money elsewhere. Perhaps an amusement park for kids, right!

2) Search for a family tour

Often times, it gets strenuous to do all the bookings yourself. It also costs you more because you lack the expertise to find your budget friendly resorts and hotels. Thus, it is not a bad idea to get a family tour planned from an expert. You can always share your budget constraints with them. The travel and tour companies usually have custom-made and low-cost plan for families with kids.

3) Choose hotel wisely

While staying in a five-star hotel is a luxury all of us desire; guess what? When you are with your kids, perhaps you need a more personalized space where the kids can create all the usual havoc and actually feel like home. Air B&B is your go to option; which will also cost less than hotels.

4) Look for discounts or city passes

Search and search! Look out for discounts at different resorts you are planning to visit. Discount coupons or deals are very often advertised on websites. Some cities also issue city pass that you can avail to visit main spots in one discounted price.

5) Plan eating out

Eating out for every meal may be very tempting. But if you are planning to save some bucks, consider a trip to grocery store and buy basics snacks. Get some fruits or cookies. Try to settle in for some prepared meal. Sometimes ordering on instead of dining out also saves money because you do not get to see all the tempting treats. Kids are also easier managed with ordered food.

6) Avail credit card offers

Credit cards offer travel rewards in the form of travel miles, points, or even sign-up bonuses. With some strict discipline of repayments, these rewards bring the overall cost of vacation significantly down.

7) Setup a travel fund

Setting up a travel fund in which you deposit small amount monthly is an excellent way to stay motivated as a family for vacations. The cash accumulated can then be utilized towards some major destination visit, or a nice dinner, or shopping.

8) Shop less, stroll more

The biggest temptation to resist while vacationing is to shop. You can easily avoid impulsive shopping by planning few trips to malls. Rather spend more time at museums, parks, and art galleries. This means more learning at less cost. What else can be a better deal!

Little planning can go a long way to save you the much needed bucks. You deserve a treat so just plan ahead and enjoy!


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