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Last June, Google and Yahoo announced a partnership where Yahoo would use Google Advertising on its site to increase revenue.  Yahoo would raise some much needed cash from the more effective advertising, while Google publishes its ads on a very large site.  Currently Yahoo uses its own advertising framework which is less effective.

However, today we learn that the deal is going bust because too many government regulators and advertisors had concerns that this agreement would give Google too much of an advertising monopoly. Read the rest of this entry »

Advertising on Google code

Posted in Technicalon Apr 9, 2008

Google should provide an option to allow projects hosted at Google Code to display and profit from Google Ads. Project owners who would opt into the ads would benefit from the revenue they collect. Google would benefit as well by collecting their share of the advertising revenue. Users might benefit because they can perhaps find other advertised services similar to the project they might be currently looking at.

Recently I’ve decide to open source some more code and templates that I’ve written. I could either share that code from my own website, or I could share it on Google Code, being able to make use of some of the other features they have there. The biggest advantage to providing the code from my website is that I’m able to collect on any advertising revenue, which in the past has been around a dollar or two per thousand views. If Google could provide me a way to generate similar revenue by hosting my code on their site, not only would I consider hosting my code their, but I would find more incentive to write open source code projects.

The only major problem with this might be abuse. If I wanted to make a few extra bucks, what is stopping me from “forking” someone elses project just to host their code under a slightly different name on Google code and profit from the visitors I would have stolen from the more legitimate site.

Making money with Google Ads

Posted in Businesson Dec 11, 2005

Well, I’ve been slowly pulling in the pennies with my Google Ads. I’m not sure if maybe it is my friends who are clicking on the ads they are interested in to help me get a few cents, or just random visitors who actually and randonly click on the ads. I have over 170 blog entries. I think as I add more and more entries, I can increase the traffic to my site and make money, in the long run, by running the ads on my page. This is all an experiment though, I don’t know if it’s actually going to work or not. It looks like though I can consistantly make about 10-20 cents a day. So far though, it seems to have been much more successful than my Amazon Associates ads.

I still really like how Google will give me $1 for every person I can refer to Firefox with the Google Toolbar. Over the last year, through non-paying efforts I’ve referred about 50 people. Maybe I can keep that up. If you want to install Firefox with the Google Toolbar, and I highly recommend that you do, please click here.

So the 10 to 20 cents a day that I think I can consistantly make, I think I can increase this by increasing my content on my blog. So look forward to many more blogs messages on a wider variety of topics.

Google Ads

Posted in Technicalon Dec 2, 2005

Today I installed some Google Ads on my side. You will see them on the right side of this page (assuming I haven’t changed things) under all the navigation.

The biggest reason I signed up for Google Ads wasn’t for the ads, but because they will pay me money for everyone I get to install and use Firefox with the Google toolbar. Since I already encourage people to use Firefox, this seemed like a winning situation. I also like using the Google toolbar. My favorite feature of the Google toolbar is the form spell checker, so as I’m blogging here or typing in something somewhere else, I can spell check what I’ve typed. So if you are still using Internet Explorer, or you aren’t using the Google toolbar, I suggest you click here to install Firefox, a much safer and faster replacement for Internet Explorer.