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Basketball game

Posted in Sportson Feb 17, 2010

Tonight Sandy and I went to the BYU verses Colorado State basketball game.  My favorite team (blue) won, 92-70.  It was my first basketball game that I’ve attended in nearly a year, and I really enjoyed it.

After the game, Sandy and I went by Wendy’s on the way home for some Frosties, at which point, the engineer in me discovered that the 99-cent small Frosty is the most economical.  If you wanted a large Frosty, you would find that you could get more Frosty for less money by buying two small Frosties than one large Frosty.

BYU basketball now ranked

Posted in Sportson Nov 26, 2007

BYU’s mens’ basketball team is off to a great start. Their record is 5-1, with their only loss to the number 1 ranked team, but only after they knocked of the number 6 team. This record has helped BYU to become ranked in both the AP Top 25 poll and the USA Today/ESPN poll. In the AP poll BYU is ranked 21, and in the ESPN poll, they are ranked 23.

While BYU seems to be doing well, I am not yet convinced that this is the best BYU basketball team that I’ve ever seen. They seem solid, but I keep on waiting for something more magical.

Perhaps the success is in BYU’s starting lineup, who play very well together and are getting better with every game they play. I’m concerned though that the bench is kind of weak.

While BYU athletic administrators are out celebrating a men’s basketball win over Air Force in front of a sold-out crowd, hundreds of students are wishing they could have been a part of it all. BYU athletic’s postgame notes record that the game had the 23rd largest sell-out crowd in basketball history. But what did BYU do to sell the Marriott Center out? They spent the week selling tickets at a dollar a piece to anyone who wanted them. Then, when large student crowds showed up to view the game, they had to turn hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of them away because there were no seats left.
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More respect for the Cougars

Posted in Sportson Nov 28, 2006

With just a couple of weeks into this year’s basketball season, I think the BYU Cougars deserve more respect.  Although they only have played 4 games, their only loss has been to a team which is currently ranked first in some polls.

If the Cougars can stay diligent to winning for just a few more games, then I think they will find the respect that they deserve now. It is important to remember that BYU traditionally is a team which gets a lot better as the season progresses.  They are starting warm now, and I think they are going to end hotter than lava.

BYU, I lava you.


Posted in Sportson Nov 23, 2006

I have some friends who are friends with BYU basketball player Gavin MacGregor who got some play time tonight. From the game recap:

Walk-on Gavin MacGregor made his first career appearance in the first half. In the second half MacGregor scored his first points as a Cougar. MacGregor also blocked a shot.

Now apparently these friends have taken to calling Gavin, “Gavinpants.” I’m not sure exactly why, but I remember being around these friends when Gavin called on the telephone only to hear them shout, “Gavinpants.”

One of these friends blogged about the game and cheering for “Gavinpants” (worth the read), and I thought I would like to hear at least the parts where Gavin played, and I excerpted those parts in this mp3 file (about 1 minute).

One thing that impressed me generally about the game is the second half dominance by BYU. I’ve watched so many games where the first half was commanding, only to loose the commanding lead early in the second half. That didn’t happen with this game, and I’m glad.

NIT broadcasting

Posted in Sportson Mar 15, 2006

I just read this from that describes just how difficult it will be to participate in the BYU vs. Houston men’s basketball NIT game tonight. Basically, unless you want to go down to Houston, the only ways you can be informed about the game is either listening to KSL radio, or watching the delayed and buggy game tracker stat thingy.

Normally, you can listen to KSL over the internet, but that won’t even happen tonight. It also wont be on TV at all, not even tape delayed.

I just want to express my disapointment that there isn’t any way for me to watch this very exciting game. I don’t know who is at fault, but you are not on my good list today.

BYU apparel

Posted in Sportson Mar 7, 2006

March madness is just around the corner. Unfortunately, when it comes to Basketball, March isn’t quite as fun because there are fewer home games. From now on (until next year), all my basketball will be on TV.

I was looking at BYU apparel (shirts and caps mostly) and found that has fairly competitive prices. I’m not looking into buying anything right now, but maybe next year I’ll get something.

Anyway, there is a nice BYU/UofU basketball rivalry on Thursday. I think that Utah was the last team to beat BYU, but that was only because so many of our players were sick. I’m making a victory cake, and anyone who wants to view the game is welcome over at my place to watch the game and eat cake. The game is a late one — it starts at about 10, but you are welcome over.

Update: BYU lost. Shoot.