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Today I discovered that a link to a post on my blog is included in the source to JBoss Richfaces. The blog post that was referenced was a small note I made about bug in the Safari web browser. They provided a workaround in Javascript code for a suggestion box, and they referenced my post in a comment in the source code.

It makes me feel good when I see things that I’ve written appear in real-world applications. It is also nice that the source code is open, which means that anyone can look at it and appreciate my website address.

My name isn’t Jacob Peargrove

Posted in Generalon Dec 3, 2007

Thumbnail of magazine cover My friend Bruce recently brought to my attention that this blog was mentioned on page 8 of the November 2007 edition (PDF) of Schooled Magazine. Here is what they said about me:

BYU student Jacob Peargrove writes a personal blog ( that talks about everything from student-housing homelessness to compus-wide YouTube ban. “This is my persoanl blog,” he writes. “I put here anything I want to, even though some of it might be strange.”

My name is not Jacob Peargrove, as the article suggested. In fact, I know of no one with the last name of Peargrove. When I think Peargrove, I think of a grove of pear trees. In aspect of blogging, the term Peargrove is mostly meaningless.

I’m not really big on publishing my last name on this blog. For the longest time, I tried really hard to remain anonymous in writing this blog. However, since my identity here becomes increasingly less anonymous, I’m not so worried about it anymore, especially since my name appears on the bottom of every page in the copyright statement.

Please take a look at the about page if you would like more information about this blog. You are also free to read some of my comments about campus homelessness or BYU YouTube bans.

Church CIO has a blog

Posted in Religionon Dec 6, 2006

Joel Dehlin, the Chief Information Officer of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has his own blog at In his first post, he explains that he left work at Microsoft for the CIO position at the Church, including some funny reactions he got from others.

I really like being able to read the blogs of various people at the Church. It really provides good insight into the gobalization of the Church and the direction it is headed.

Life is a highway

Posted in Lifeon Nov 26, 2006

Some people write in secret blogs. Some people write so cryptically that no one understands what they are saying anyway. Tonight I hope to achieve both.

I love clean teeth. I mean, I love it when my teeth are clean. I guess I also like it when others teeth are clean, but that takes second place to my own teeth being clean. Fortunately, I haven’t come across appropriate occasion to share a life-saver.

I think I’ve gained some weight this week. Too many pies, cookies, and thanksgiving food. Too little exercise. Maybe the time is appropriate to enact certain plans to keep this putative weight gain from being a problem.

I mentioned a few days earlier that I think I’ve discovered my evil proclivity toward procrastination. I think I get some sort of adrenalin rush off of trying to do things at the last moment. As with many other addictions, there are side effects, and I think at times my addiction messes up my emotional balance. It also causes stress. Fortunately, I’ve gotten pretty good at dealing with this, but that doesn’t mean that over time it can’t wear me down if I don’t seek help in some way or another. It should be a red flag if TV commercials can cause allergic eye reactions. That is unless the commercial happens to be one of those LDS “family: its about time” commercials. They always get me. Actually, there is only about one thing that has a chance to get me, and it is displays of selflessness and love toward others. I’m off topic now, but the point is that I need to find some way to get myself off this addiction.

Sometimes living on a rainy island, isolated from the fears and tears, is worse than riding out the hurricane. Mixing metaphors like it is chocolate chip cookie dough, the seeds being to create new bridges between the worlds. When I reach the other side, will I recognize myself as the person who was worthy enough to harvest the crop? I once thought that I was missing something like crazy nothing, until I found that life-savers dissolve more quickly than one would like. Now I’m afraid to desire that which is departed with fears that I may find the well traveled path. Me and my gang were never enough to resolve the disputes between the heart, fingers, and eyes. Jumping off the train is always scarier than jumping on, but not any more severe than the fright of unknowingly staying on. Angels to comfort; seeing single rather than double; you can help. When I hear the song, I can’t help but to think what if you and I forgot that friendship on the cold night when stars fell from the sky. The most important thing to remember is you. Electrical pulses dancing on the lines, please show me the directions and show me the signs.

BYU beat Utah today with pull-over-mama fashion worthy of never being forgotten.

A congeries of different thoughts

Posted in Lifeon Nov 12, 2006

Sometimes I struggle between the part of me which wants to be a nerd and the part of my that can’t stand anything nerdy. I’m not really even sure what nerd means, but I know that different applications of the word bring about different responses from me.

I ate too much apple pie today. The Sara Lee pies have been on sale for $1.98 each (no sales tax) so I’ve been eating way too much pie as of late. This is my first pie though in over a week, so I think maybe I’m doing ok now.

I think I make a big deal over small things. For example, this week I created a new homepage for myself, whatever that means. I’m not even sure if I would want to call it a homepage, but I created it. Initially it was just something small, a quick 20 minute project. But then I wanted to make it better, then more colorful, then I wanted more functionality out of it, then I wanted to make it good enough for other people to use, then I wanted to tweak some of the values, then blah blah blah. I made a big deal about it.

Have you ever wondered if there were an exact copy of yourself, personality and everything, if you would love your copy or be annoyed by it? Would someone who thinks they are always right always argue with his copy? I think that if this were to happen, and I had a copy, I could see tons of stuff that I would hate about myself that otherwise I can’t see in myself.

One of the things that I thought when I moved to Oregon is that I would fit in socially better, and I’m still finding it difficult. I’m not sure if it is because I’m still the new kid, or that the average age of my peers is older, or if I’m just being stupid. Maybe I’m just a nerd and people here don’t want to be around me. I really felt comfortable socially in Provo; I felt like I was on top of the game. Maybe I’ve lost it though, and when I move back to Provo I’ll find it hard to have friends.

Mmm, a slice of apple pie right before bed wouldn’t kill me would it?

Sometimes I struggle with not being married, but sometimes I’m ok with it. I guess maybe what it is is that I’m ok with not being married right now, but I don’t like the idea of being single in the future. For about the last three or four years I was told that “it was my year.” I’m ok with the fact that last year wasn’t my year, or that this year may not be my year either, and I’ll continue to be fine with it as long as my year comes sometime this decade.

Maybe I’m getting a little too personal here and I should be typing all of this in my secret blog. But I’ve also had the thought that I’ve been way to formal or serious on my blog recently, so I’m not really sure what I should type where. In the shower tonight I considered creating yet another blog where I would write all the boring or serious stuff, like politics, sports, and reviews, so I can use this blog more for this personal type of stuff.

Well, I have to teach Sunday School tomorrow, and while my lesson is mostly prepared already, if I don’t get some good sleep tonight, then I’m not going to think clearly enough to be able to make my lesson interesting. So I’m hitting the collection of springs and padding which is commonly called a bed.

The rise of RSS and Atom feeds brought increased usage of the word, aggregate, which meant to gather many articles together to one destination. This turns out to be a really great thing. No longer do I have to go from site to site to check on all my favorite news. I can use an aggregator, and bring all the news from all my favorite sites together to one point. Not only can I do this with news, but also blog posts, photos, audio clips, events, alerts, and the list goes on.
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My secret blog

Posted in Bloggingon Oct 14, 2006

A few months ago there was a discussion on about blogs and how they can be public and representative of their authors. I’ve given that discussion a fair amount of thought. Read the rest of this entry »