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Board games I would like to own

Posted in Generalon Jan 14, 2009

As a followup to the list of games I own, I thought I would create a list of games I would like to own, or at least that I would like to learn more about.  Some of the games I’ve played, other games I’ve only read about.  Most of the games below have received some sort of award.

  • Mr. Jack$25.98 – Best 2-Player Game for 2007, 2007 International Gamers Award Winner
  • Carcassonne$20.99 – German Game of the Year for 2001
  • Jambo!$16.99 – Best 2-Player Game for 2005, German Game of the Year finalist in 2005
  • Metropolys$31.50 – Best Family Game for 2008, German Game of the Year finalist in 2008
  • Thurn & Taxis$22.99 – German Game of the Year for 2006
  • Stone Age$31.50 – Best Strategy Game for 2008, German Game of the Year finalist in 2008, 2008 International Gamers Award Winner
  • Lost Cities: Board Game (not card game) – $27.50 – German Game of the Year for 2008
  • Set – $12.00
  • Ticket to Ride Switzerland (expansion) – $18.50

Now that I’ve created this list, I realize that not all of the above games are board games, because some are card games.  However, none are computer games.


Posted in Funny, Lifeon Jan 8, 2009

Before Christmas, I put on my wish list three games that I would want: Settlers of Catan, Skip-bo, Ticket to Ride, and Killer Bunnies.  I’m happy to report that I went 4 of 4 on getting those games.  It is especially great because the first of those games I received I purchased for myself, and then I got the other games from other people, without any repeats.

I really like playing games.  I’m almost always up for learning or playing a new game, with perhaps the exception of Axis and Allies, which I understand to be a very long and complicated game.

I also go the chance to play many games over Christmas with Sandy and her family, as well as with my own family.  The one game that I wanted to play but didn’t was Blokus, which I hope that I’ll be able to play before not too long.

Since I was so happy with all of my games which I’ve collected, I’ve created a list for your viewing pleasure.