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Christmas in January

Posted in Funny, Lifeon Jan 19, 2009

Look at all these lights

Look at all these lights

I was walking through Lowe’s tonight with Sandy, and we saw that all their remaining Christmas items were on sale for 50 cents per item.  We found some lights that normally sell for about 7 bucks each, and bought a few of them.  Well, maybe more than a few.  Perhaps, we bought a dozen and a half boxes of lights.  It brought much Christmas delight to my soul.

I have the lights, now I just need the house.


Posted in Funny, Lifeon Jan 8, 2009

Before Christmas, I put on my wish list three games that I would want: Settlers of Catan, Skip-bo, Ticket to Ride, and Killer Bunnies.  I’m happy to report that I went 4 of 4 on getting those games.  It is especially great because the first of those games I received I purchased for myself, and then I got the other games from other people, without any repeats.

I really like playing games.  I’m almost always up for learning or playing a new game, with perhaps the exception of Axis and Allies, which I understand to be a very long and complicated game.

I also go the chance to play many games over Christmas with Sandy and her family, as well as with my own family.  The one game that I wanted to play but didn’t was Blokus, which I hope that I’ll be able to play before not too long.

Since I was so happy with all of my games which I’ve collected, I’ve created a list for your viewing pleasure.

I like Christmas, especially because of the Christmas spirit that permeates through so many Christmas activities. Christmas candy, songs, presents, family, and just general good will and good cheer.

Lights! It is Christmas time

Posted in Insightson Nov 3, 2008

Last year I critisized BYU for setting up Christmas decorations just a few days after Halloween.  This year, I’ve been looking forward to Christmas for weeks already.  Perhaps it is because stores have already been selling Christmas for weeks.  On Halloween-eve, I wandered through Walmart and enjoyed looking at the different Christmas trees that they are already selling.  A couple of weeks ago, I started scouting out the different varieties of Christmas lights available.

Speaking of Christmas lights, this year you will be able to find a wide array of LED lighting available.  These LED lights are less likely to burn out and will use a lot less electricity.  They also will cost 5-15 times more money.  For something that is used only seasonally, I don’t think there will be masses of people to buy LED lights.  I do think that LED lights could sell quite well if they were made available in new colors, shapes, and brightnesses.

I’m not really sure what sort of lights I may want to buy.  If I decide to have a small 20 inch tall fake tree in my office, I may decide to use LED lights on it.  For my tree at home, I’m still carefully looking at all the different light options.

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You minus I, a year-long reply

Posted in Writingson Aug 30, 2008

About a year ago, I told you, you’re wrong
I even wrote it in a poem or a song
Now I repent, and say you were right
But I’ll never forget that starlit night.

In time thats pass, I’ve still called you friend
But never an email, I did send
Here is an idea–I hope I don’t miss
I’ll add you to my Christmas card list.

Is it Christmas already?

Posted in Generalon Nov 6, 2007

I was walking through the student center of BYU the other day, and I noticed that they had some of their Christmas decorations up already. This happened more than 50 days before Christmas! It used to be that the Christmas season started with Thanksgiving, but apparently this year it is starting with Halloween. I’ve even seen Christmas merchandise appear in some stores already too.
Christmas trees

Support the cause

Posted in Generalon Dec 8, 2006

I’m thinking about starting a new group on Facebook called:
Coalition in support of increased distribution of mistletoe.

By supporting this cause, you can help to put the joy back into Christmas for many college-aged students everywhere.

Leave a comment below if you support the cause.