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The Chicago Tribute had an interesting editorial about Obama’s secret surveillance programs. He references a press conference where Obama tried explaining away such programs with promises of transparency. Here is a choice paragraph from that editorial:

The president says he would have preferred “a lawful, orderly examination of these laws.” Whose fault is it that we didn’t have one? It’s only because of Snowden that the administration’s program has come under review. Before that, we didn’t know what there was to review. And the secrecy was Obama’s choice.

In fact, two years ago, Senator Wyden of Oregon asked the President to participate in an “orderly examination” of those laws. But that didn’t really happen.


Posted in Funnyon Feb 20, 2006

My roommate got an email from BYU Career Placement Services which read:

Dear Student,

The Central Interlligence Agency and the National Security Agency announce a joint recruiting session for BYU students-from all colleges and departments.

Notice the spelling of the third word of the second line. He he, funny.