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Go to and buy a gift card.  Choose “Instant Delivery: Email” and send the gift card to your own email.  When paying for the gift card, make sure you use your prepaid credit card number and the full remainder of the Visa gift card balance.

In just a couple of minutes after purchasing the gift card, you will get it in your email.  Then you apply the gift card balance to your account, and use it on your next Amazon purchase.

Since it is difficult to use the exact balance just by shopping at stores, this is a good way to clean every last cent off that card.  Also, a good way to “regift” that Visa gift card by turning it into an Amazon card that you can give to someone else.

The problem: Our federal government has maxed out its credit cards.

Obama’s solution: Get more credit cards, and don’t negotiate with the Republicans about alternatives.

Republican’s solution: Go ahead and get more credit cards, but only if you reduce how much the government is spending.

Yesterday I went to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie at the Wynnsong Carmike theater in Provo, Utah. When I went to pay for my ticket, I tried to use my American Express card, but was informed that they don’t accept American Express. So I had to borrow some cash from a friend to buy the ticket, no biggie.

So while sitting through and watching the 25 minutes of pre-feature trailers and commercials, I noticed that there was a commercial for American Express. I just think it is pretty for a place that doesn’t accept American Express cards to be showing an American Express commercial.