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This is how the story begins

Posted in Lifeon May 27, 2009

The story begins like this.  Upon moving to Colorado, I met a wonderful girl with the name of Sandy Carter.  I quickly found that I had a serious crush on her, but she had a crush on this other guy, so I considered things game over.

On the front porch

On the front porch swing

Over the summer of 2008, I established quite a friendship with Sandy, and I realized that I enjoyed her company more and more.

Near the end of July, we were both at a party, and I really was interested in her.  We decided to hang out on the swinging bench on the front porch.  I put my arm around the back side of the swing, just a little too shy to put it around Sandy.

My parents came to visit me in August, I knew that I wanted to be more than just friends with Sandy.  At Church, Sandy befriended my mom, and I felt that I was given a green flag.

After my parents left, Sandy was visiting me in my apartment watching the olympics, and turns out that we started holding hands.  About a week later after a stroll through a park we kissed.  That night, Sandy was so happy that she couldn’t help but to call and tell me how happy she was.  It was then that I asked her if she would be my girlfiend, making it official instead of assumed.

Sandy and her gingerbread house

Sandy and her gingerbread house

I think things started becoming more serious during December.  Sandy and I had lots of fun Christmas activities, including making cinnamon ornaments and real gingerbread houses.

When I visited her and her family during Christmas, I began realizing more clearly just how much I love her.  Ideas about marriage were forming in my head, and I wanted her to visit Oregon before proposing, so I made arrangments for us to fly to Oregon for a three day weekend in the middle of Feburary.

And that is how the story begins.

Lost, are they gone forever?

Posted in Socialon Jan 29, 2007

I have a few friends which have recently started dating people. It is funny, because they tend to loose contact with the rest of the world. They stop blogging. They stop posting to facebook. They don’t call you on the phone. If you see them on campus, they get all excited and say, “we should do something,” but what they really are saying is, “I’m going to spend time with my significant other, but if I ever come back from dancing on the moon, you are welcome to wave at me.” I don’t really get what that means, but it generally goes something like that.

I brought a liter of water back from Oregon, and it tastes so good.

If any one sees the fire department racing toward the chemistry building tonight, don’t worry! It was probably just me forgetting that I left my bagel in the toaster a little too long.

Protected: The seven year mirror

Posted in Socialon Jan 16, 2007

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Finding the someone

Posted in Socialon Dec 31, 2006

I’ve heard a number of my friends and other people talk about “meeting someone” or “finding an eternal companion.”

These phrases seem a little odd to me.  They always seem to allude that the particular someone special is a person we haven’t met yet.  I think it may be unfair to think this way.  There are always possibilities that we will marry someone we have already met, but haven’t yet dated.

I think single people should keep an open mind about who they might eventually marry, and not limit their potential companions to those they haven’t yet met.

Furthermore, if singles put themselves in the mind-frame that they will marry someone they haven’t yet met, then they risk creating a habit of always looking for the next person, whom they will never actually find.

Dating for pre-arranged marriages

Posted in Insightson Dec 16, 2006

Today I thought up a troubling question; troubling only because I have yet to find an answer.

Do people in pre-arranged marriages need to date? If you were in a pre-arranged marriage, do you date and get to know your arranged fiance?

On one hand, dating can be a stressful activity, and one that could be avoided completely in a pre-arranged marriage situation. Not only that, but eliminating dating could be financially beneficial.

On the other hand, dating can be a fun activity where the couple can get to know each other. Even in a pre-arranged marriage, learning about the other person in various situations, including pre-marital and dating situations, could prove to be helpful later when married. Not only that, but the beginning stages of marriage can be difficult time merging two lives into a companionship, and dating before marriage could alleviate the difficulties during that phase.

Fortunately, this question doesn’t really need to be answered.

Macey’s is my favorite place

Posted in Lifeon Dec 13, 2005

Well, the anxiety is back. I feel like I can’t breath. I feel scared to death of life and of the situation I’m in. I feel like I got enough insight into life to realize what sort of situation I’m in. I’m scared because I think that I need to really think about things, and I think that the more I think about things, the worse off I’m going to feel about things.

I went to Macey’s. I didn’t know why, until I got there. The reason why is that I knew that if I was wandering around in public at Macey’s then I couldn’t break down and cry. I’m not sure if I have a good reason to cry, it might just be the anxiety. I totally bought a bottle of Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider. I’m drinking it now. Something about drinking directly out of a glass bottle makes you feel better. I also bought milk and bread, but that was it. However, I spent almost an hour in Macey’s. I needed the time to walk and think and stuff.

Double crossed double betrayal. Maybe that is what I fear most. Will my further thinking inspire further insight that will lead me to such belief?

Driving fast with really loud music is also good theropy. I think I need to make a mix of music to describe how I feel now. This mix shall be called, “Inspired by Insight.” That should be the title of my next blog entry.

P.S. My arm is spazzing out. Oh, and is it wrong to spell check a password protected blog entry?

P.P.S. I also figured out why I’m so scared to sleep. It’s because I do my crying on my pillow, and I don’t want to go there.

Getting some

Posted in Insightson Dec 5, 2005

I don’t like this whole idea of “getting some.” I mean, unless you
live a carnal, self-centered, receive-only type of life, shouldn’t it
be “giving some”? I think we can have more fulfulling, enjoyable
relationships if we are more focused on what we can give, instead of
what we can get.