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Bad peelie coupon at Target

Posted in Businesson Nov 7, 2011

I was buying diapers at Target the other day, and I found a peelie coupon on the box of diapers. I peeled the coupon of the box of diapers to reveal that it said, “Save $1 off this box of diapers.” Great! I proceeded to the checkout lanes.

Upon checking out, the cashier told me that the coupon had expired in September and that they wouldn’t be giving me the discount. Dumb. Don’t put coupons on your merchandise that are going to expire before the merchandise sells.

Who writes this stuff?

Posted in Funnyon Feb 5, 2009

From Funny

I was wandering through the BYU Bookstore a couple of months ago, and someone pointed this book out to me and I thought it was funny enough to take a photo of.

Now that I take a second look at the photo, it seems less amusing now then when I first saw the book.  I guess there must have been more context when I saw it the first time.  Or, I was in a really funny mood.