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I’ve been learning more and more how to drive in the snow. Here are a couple of techniques or strategies that I’ve developed for driving in the snow:

  • If what you are doing isn’t working, don’t do it harder.  Stop and try again.  This is especially true for breaking and accelerating.  If you push down on the accelerator and you aren’t moving like you should, don’t press down harder.  Lift your foot up and try again.  If you push on your break and you don’t stop, lift your foot up and try it again.
  • Only do one thing at a time.  Don’t try to change your speed while turning.  Don’t speed up or slow down while turning.  If you know your turn is coming up, slow way down before you even start your turn.  Complete your entire turn before speeding up again.
  • Use your headlights.  While you may be able to see just fine, other drivers might not have entirely cleaned the snow off their windows, and your lights will help them know that you are there

And the most important thing about driving in the snow, is knowing when not to drive in the snow.

Just hang up and drive

Posted in Insightson Jan 13, 2009

Flickr Stock Photo

Flickr Stock Photo

On September 11, 2001, there were 2,752 people who died in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York. Because of that attack, thousands of soldiers have gone to war costing the U.S. billions of dollars.

Every year, an average of 2,600 people die because of car accidents related to cell phones, nearly the same number of people ever year who died in the terrorist attacks. An additional annual 12,000 serious injuries have also occurred because of talking on the phone while driving.

But what are we doing about this to save lives?

Laws could be passed making cell phone use illegal, but it really should start with personal responsibility.

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Don’t ride alone

Posted in Funnyon Sep 30, 2008

From the national archives exhibit, “Powers of Persuasion,” comes this government publication to promote car-pooling.  



Pull over mama

Posted in Generalon Dec 24, 2006

Tonight I was putting just enough gas in my car to get through Christmas. As I was leaving the gas station, I noticed this cop parked in the shadows. Not a big deal because I wasn’t going to do anything wrong. But I was waiting for a few cars to pass by so I could safely get out in traffic. These cars were turning right at the red light. I notice that the last one raced around the corner without stopping, and I looked at the light, and it was still red. It was obvious enough for me to think, “He just technically ran the red light. I wonder if the cop is going to pull him over. Then I saw the cop pull out of the parking lot right behind me. I made sure to stay in the right lane so that the cop could pass me on the left. And then I just kind of followed slowly and watched the cop race after the car and then pull it over.

I’m not sure if there is any point to this story other than, please don’t be an idiot when driving.

Ways to get out of the way of Rita

Posted in Generalon Sep 22, 2005

Well, I don’t live in Houston. I’ve never even been there. But I’ve been looking at traffic reports on the internet, and I have some suggestions for people trying to go out of Houston.

Don’t go North!

The big problems with evacuation are with doing things that everyone else is doing. Instead, do what few people are doing — go South then West.

Find out what roads aren’t being used heavily. Then take those roads; it doesn’t matter where they lead to. Its important that you get away from everyone else. Then after you get away from everyone else, you should have a number of different possibilities for traveling west, that aren’t what everyone else is trying to do.

I guess, in short, what I’m suggesting, is that sometimes the long way might be the fastest because it may go around all the busy spots.

Then again, I’ve never been in a major city that was evacuated.

This is outdated now. Do not try and use any of these comments for actual evacuation

Parking Permits

Posted in Lifeon May 10, 2005

On April 25th, I moved into University Villa. When I checked into the office, one of the things I asked about was parking permits. They said they weren’t yet available and that I should come back later, and that I shouldn’t worry because they weren’t yet enforcing the lots.

A week later, on May 2nd, I returned to the office, and they said they still didn’t have the parking information, but that they would be posting notices when it was available.

Today is May 10th, and I have yet to receive or see any sort of notice about parking. If I get booted, I will not be a happy resident.

Driving Around

Posted in Bloggingon Jan 18, 2005

Well, here is my first blog entry from my car! I tried to attend a Utah PHP Usergroup meeting tonight, but I couldn’t find the place for a while, even though it was right where it was suppose to be. By the time I found it, the presentation was already half over and I decided to just go home. But I found that I could get a wifi connection from the parking lot, so I decided to blog before heading back.