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The ethics guide for HP uses the headline test to determine if a business decision is ethical:

The Headline Test is a simple but powerful tool designed to make sure we appropriately consider the soundness and impact of our business decisions. It is named after one of the tools most commonly used by executives: “Before I make a decision, I consider how it would look in a news story.” (Source: SBC, page 8 )

According to the headline of this blog post, HP’s decision to mislead customers for months about the availability of Touchpads at firestorm prices is unethical.
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Bank error in your favor

Posted in Insightson Feb 1, 2008

I think the game of monopoly got it wrong. When there are bank errors in your favor, if you want to be ethical and try and correct the error, you rarely are left benefitted.

Stay married to save the planet

Posted in Insightson Dec 4, 2007

Divorce rates are increasing all over the world, except in the United States where fewer people getting married means fewer people getting divorced. When people live separate single lives, they consume more resources which is contributing to the causes of global warming, according to a study at Michigan State University.

Divorced couples use more space in their respective homes, equating to 38 million more rooms to heat, light, and air condition. Divorced couples also consume 73 billion kilowatt-hours more of electricity and 627 billion gallons more of water than married couples.

More details of the study are provided at New Scientist, which provides more quotes and statistics about divorce and its effect on the environment.


Posted in Religionon May 10, 2007

The biggest lies can be the ones that are never spoken. These lies happen when we are dishonest with:

  • Ourselves
  • Our morals, standards, and values
  • Our relationship with our Heavenly Father

It is important that we view ourselves as children of the Most Supreme Father, and as such, we have great value. We need to treat ourselves and be honest with ourselves accordingly. We cannot let the pride of the world influence us into demeaning ourselves, lowering our morals, or forgetting who we are: children of God.

Only one percent poison

Posted in Insights, Religionon Nov 15, 2006

The Mercury News reports that only one percent of the Internet contains adult content. This is according to a “confidential analysis of Internet search queries and a random sample of Web pages taken from Google and Micrsoft’s giant Internet indexes.”

Some might say that only one percent is practically nothing.

That is like saying that it is practically nothing if the breadfast cereal you ate this morning was only one percent poison.

Internet pornography is very similar to poison. It has and does ruin lives and relationships. Less than one-half of one-hundred-thousandth of one percent of the world population died in the attacks on September 11th, and we didn’t tolerate that. We should not tolerate one percent of Internet moral poison.


Posted in Businesson Oct 27, 2005

In one of my classes, we’ve been talking about business ethics. I presented the following self-check questions that someone can ask themselves. Here is the list of these questions:

  • Is it against the law?
  • Is it against the commandments or the teachings in the scriptures?
  • Would my wife approve? (Note, I don’t have a wife, but this would be one of those questions to ask yourself if you did)

So, supposing in business, there was an opportunity to do something questionably non-ethical. One can begin to answer resolve if the opportunity is or isn’t ethical by answering the three questions above.