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A flight to Vegas

Posted in Adventureson Mar 3, 2010

The Fort Collins Loveland Airport has one flight, to Vegas.  A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to take this flight to visit some family members.  The experience of flying out of a small airport is unique.  Here is a picture of the front doors to the terminal:

Shortly after landing at LAS, our plane taxied pretty close to Air Force One.  Apparently, President Obama was in town apologizing for some ill-words-said against Vegas.  The view of Air Force One was so close that photos that I took though the plane window were not zoomed out enough to show the plane.  However, I was able to take this photo just after stepping off the plane:

The best thing about going to Las Vegas in February is that the weather is considerably warmer than the snowy weather in Fort Collins.  Unfortunately, our flight back was delayed because of poor weather conditions in Colorado.  When we did land, they let us exit through the rear of the airplane:

And that is a few things about flying to Vegas.

Funny airport message

Posted in Funnyon Jun 24, 2009

I’m in the Denver airport and I heard this great intercom announcement which went something like this:

We’re sorry to inform you but the flight to Pheonix is delayed, but as a consolation prize, this is a wide open flight as there are only 28 passengers. However, we emplore all passengers to take a window seat so our flight will look full.