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Dealing with football losses

Posted in Sportson Oct 15, 2008

I saw this police beat under the heading, Disorderly Conduct:

Oct. 11: A University of New Mexico football player, unhappy with the outcome of the game, had to be restrained by his coach and fellow players and helped onto the bus after kicking a door.

Has this kid never lost before, or was he happy with the outcomes of those games?  Seriously, if you are going to go to Provo to play a top-10 football team, there is one outcome that should be expected more than others: BYU wins.  I know this must be a less-desireable outcome for New Mexico—it might even make a few unhappy.  

But most people don’t have to be restrained when they are unhappy.  Most people don’t go kicking doors.

CSU kicker breaks arm

Posted in Sportson Aug 26, 2008

I just read from the Reporter Herald that Colorado State (football) kicker Jason Smith broke his arm, and he won’t be able to play in the game verses Colorado University.

I’ve seen other football players play with casts and be just fine. My question is, why would it matter if a kicker has a broken arm? For one thing, a kicker shouldn’t need his arm to kick. Secondly, a kicker should never be touched on the field.

On the first day of 2008, Georgia football beat Hawaii in the sugar bowl, 41-10. Normally, a team from the a conference like that WAC isn’t even invited to play in a BCS like the Sugar Bowl. However, Hawaii’s undefeated season won them that rare opportunity this year, even though they never played an opponent that was nationally ranked.

Had Hawaii won, it would have made a strong argument that any team that can go undefeated should go to a big-time bowl. Hawaii’s loss, however, suggests that a football program needs to do more than simply go a season without loosing. Consider this Sugar Bowl story quote from writer Steve Megargee:

Usually when a top team from a BCS conference faces an upstart from a less established league, the BCS program is going to win. Even in a year as crazy as this one.

BYU isn’t one of those teams blessed to belong to a BCS conference. In order for BYU to ever play in a bowl games like the Sugar Bowl, BYU will have to be ranked as one of the very top football teams in the country (probably top-10). That ranking will be even more difficult now that Hawaii, ranked number 10 before their loss, has shown that simply being undefeated isn’t proof of a great football team.

BYU is going to have to do more than play great and win all their games. BYU will have to do that against other teams that are considered great.

Good news comes from the fact that even though the BYU’s Mountain West Conference isn’t a BCS conference, 4 of the 5 teams from the conference that played in various (smaller) bowl games won those games.

BYU in the Vegas Bowl

Posted in Sportson Dec 7, 2007

BYU will play UCLA in the 2007 Las Vegas Bowl. BYU comes into the bowl with a 10-2 record, finishing first in the Mountain West Conference after defeating every other team in the conference. UCLA comes to the bowl with a 6-6 record, finishing 5th in the Pac-10 conference.

Interestingly, this will the the second meeting of the two teams this year. One of BYU’s two losses on the season was at UCLA when the cougars lost 17 to 27. This means that BYU will have time to revenge the loss from earlier in the season.

BYU and UCLA will meet again in the 2008 football season.

BYU will eat Oregon in Las Vegas

Posted in Sportson Dec 4, 2006

Even duck luck in Las Vegas isn’t going to keep the University of Oregon from being just another course on BYU’s dominating dinner plate this season.  While Oregon has 7 wins, they have been generally pathetic:

They beat Stanford, but so did just about everyone else.

They beat Fresno State, who couldn’t even find a winning record in the WAC.

They didn’t lose to Oklahoma in what is widely regarded as the most controversial officiating of football this year.  It really should have been Oklahoma’s game.

Oregon gains a few cents in the credible wins bank with a win over Arizona State, who did have a 7-5 overall season, but still couldn’t find a winning record in conference play.

The most impressive win maybe was over UCLA, who found Oregon at the beginning of their tough loosing streak.

A win over Portland State, a division I-AA school, hardly even counts as a win.

Oregon’s last win came a month ago over Washington, who by the way, was Stanford’s only victory on the season.

When the bowl game is finally done, Oregon is going to wish that what happened in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Why BYU will beat Utah

Posted in Sportson Nov 24, 2006

Because I won’t be there to see it. The last two times BYU beat Utah in football were 2000 and 2001, which were the two seasons that I served my mission in Romania. My freshman year, 1999, BYU lost.

This year I’m in Oregon studying, which means that BYU will probably win because once again I won’t be there to see it.

The following article is from 2006. Click here for 2007 Las Vegas Bowl information. In 2009, BYU will play Oregon State in the Maaco Las Vegas Bowl.

I’m not all knowing when it comes to football bowl games, but I do know enough to try and guess. The number 4 team from the Pac-10 will go to the Las Vegas Bowl to play BYU. It could be any of these teams: Oregon, Oregon State, UCLA, Arizona, Arizona State, and Washington State.
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