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I’ve seen this problem many times. Someone develops a neat little gadget that can be computer controlled. It might be a toy microscope, a building automation system, or a mass spectrometer. Then the write a software application to control the gadget through a computer. Ten years later, there is nothing wrong with the gadget, but the software doesn’t.

The problem is that software applications is that they are written for today’s operating system, and there is no way to say that it will work on the common operating systems of ten or twenty years from now. Consider an app written 15 years ago. It would have been written for Windows 95, which you will find difficult to run on today’s advanced hardware. Maintaining a 15 year old computer which runs Windows 95 is equally difficult.

To avoid this problem, gadget developers need to decouple their gadget with a platform dependent software application. One way to do this is to build web servers into gadgets so that the gadget can always be controlled through a web browser without any special apps required. That is assuming that we will still use web browsers 20 years from now.

Nokia N810 and Bluetooth

Posted in Technicalon Sep 10, 2008

The Nokia N180 Internet Tablet has built in Bluetooth wireless connectivity. Bluetooth is a protocol for exchanging data between devices within several feet distance.

When I connect the Nokia with my Windows Vista laptop, Windows reports the following services:

  • Audio Source
  • Headset Audio Gateway
  • Object Push (Obex)
  • Remote Control

I’m not really sure what these services are or how to use them.

The Nokia also shows up in “Computer” (along side all the connected drives) but clicking on the Nokia/bluetooth icon does nothing.

Nokia N810 and Wifi

Posted in Technicalon Sep 10, 2008

One of the connectivity modes for the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet is wifi… the same type that you would use on your laptop to access a wireless access point. The Nokia connected flawlessly to my home access point. However, in one of my class rooms, I couldn’t get it to connect at all.

My Windows Vista laptop identifies the access point security type as WPA-Personal with TKIP encryption. When I try to connect the Nokia to the access point it prompts me for a “shared key.” I input the access point password which is published (and used successfully on my laptop), but after a few seconds the Nokia comes back with “Network connection error.”

Flash on the Nokia N810

Posted in Technicalon Aug 28, 2008

In my continuing evaluation of the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, I was delighted to see that Adobe Flash was included as part of the web browser. This means that I can watch Strongbad’s Emails and Youtube from a device that fits in my pocket.

However, I am disappointed that the version of flash installed does not recognized the built in camera or microphone. This means that I can’t send video messages to my friends on Facebook.

So, plus on the fact that flash is included, but a small negative because the flash doesn’t support that camera.

Skype on Nokia N810

Posted in Technicalon Aug 28, 2008

I just received a Nokia N810 today for my two week evaluation. The first thing I wanted to do was to call home and brag to mom and dad. So I installed Skype and made the call. It was rather pretty easy. I went to the Skype website for the Nokia devices (following a link from the web browser menu) and clicked the download button. Then I had the option to open the install file which caused it to open in an application manager which downloaded and installed the Skype application for me.

Skype worked well… very nice audio using just the built in speakers and microphone. I talked to my mom for an hour and a half, with only some choppy audio for two brief moments.

I was disappointed that Skype didn’t take advantage of the built in camera to do video conferencing. This isn’t Nokia’s fault, but instead of Skype.

While Nokia primarily makes phones, they do make some non-phone portable devices, such as the N810 Internet Tablet.

The WOM World / Nokia website is loaning me an N810 device for two weeks for me to review. Seeing as I have many friends who have purchased iPod Touch devices for use as an internet tablet, my primary goal in reviewing the N810 will be to try and evaluate how it might compare against the iPod Touch.

If you have any “does it do …?” sort of questions about the N810, leave a comment and I’ll try to get to your request during my evaluations of the N810.

How have you broken your phone?

Posted in Generalon Jun 16, 2008

Tell me your stories about how you have been separated with a working cell phone. Have you dropped your phone in the toilet? Has it just stopped working over time. Did it get hit by a car, or stolen on the pickpocket bus in Romania? Even if your story is not extremely interesting, drop a note so we can get an idea of what goes wrong with cell phones.