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Board games I would like to own

Posted in Generalon Jan 14, 2009

As a followup to the list of games I own, I thought I would create a list of games I would like to own, or at least that I would like to learn more about.  Some of the games I’ve played, other games I’ve only read about.  Most of the games below have received some sort of award.

  • Mr. Jack$25.98 – Best 2-Player Game for 2007, 2007 International Gamers Award Winner
  • Carcassonne$20.99 – German Game of the Year for 2001
  • Jambo!$16.99 – Best 2-Player Game for 2005, German Game of the Year finalist in 2005
  • Metropolys$31.50 – Best Family Game for 2008, German Game of the Year finalist in 2008
  • Thurn & Taxis$22.99 – German Game of the Year for 2006
  • Stone Age$31.50 – Best Strategy Game for 2008, German Game of the Year finalist in 2008, 2008 International Gamers Award Winner
  • Lost Cities: Board Game (not card game) – $27.50 – German Game of the Year for 2008
  • Set – $12.00
  • Ticket to Ride Switzerland (expansion) – $18.50

Now that I’ve created this list, I realize that not all of the above games are board games, because some are card games.  However, none are computer games.


Posted in Funny, Lifeon Jan 8, 2009

Before Christmas, I put on my wish list three games that I would want: Settlers of Catan, Skip-bo, Ticket to Ride, and Killer Bunnies.  I’m happy to report that I went 4 of 4 on getting those games.  It is especially great because the first of those games I received I purchased for myself, and then I got the other games from other people, without any repeats.

I really like playing games.  I’m almost always up for learning or playing a new game, with perhaps the exception of Axis and Allies, which I understand to be a very long and complicated game.

I also go the chance to play many games over Christmas with Sandy and her family, as well as with my own family.  The one game that I wanted to play but didn’t was Blokus, which I hope that I’ll be able to play before not too long.

Since I was so happy with all of my games which I’ve collected, I’ve created a list for your viewing pleasure.

According to the People’s Daily Online, Internet Game Operators in China have been ordered to install anti-addiction software on the games to prevent minors from gaming more than 3 hours a day.

China got this one right. Teens who spend too much of their time gaming form addictions to their games which curve their personal and career development. By limiting gaming time, China is encouraging teens to learn to do something more productive with their time, such as learn a new skill for form healthy relationships.
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