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Crazy red backpack girl

Posted in Writingson Sep 14, 2007

Incidental glance without recognition,
Mistakes made now haunt me,
Because the possibilities turn beginningless,
And the clouds would rain if they only had tears.

Insufficient capacity to do more than nothing,
So many ideas moving omnidirectionally,
Lightning in the distance might almost bring hope,
If only it had the deep friendship of thunder rolling.

Yellow picnic table flowed sweetness like fountains,
Now more stale than dust in an empty canteen,
Just the reflections of a fruit lemonade,
No more will the sparkles be lost in the winds of tomorrow.

I was looking back at a post that was never made public. There were a few brief phrases in the post that I think I’ll share. They are about crushes and dates.
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Back to Business

Posted in Lifeon Aug 29, 2005

I’m back at BYU, and since I haven’t written here in a while, I thought I would do just that. I’ve noticed that it has been almost a year since my first real blog entry. Yay for me and here is hoping for another year of blogging.

My classes seem like they will go well. By the end of the semester, I should be quite the expert at operating systems and embedded systems. I’m taking 11 credits from three different classes on these topics.

My ward is great. I just got called to be the Assistant Wark Clerk in charge of Membership as my calling. So I will probably get to know everyone fairly well–at least on paper. There aren’t very many girls in the ward here though, and I’m kind of concerned about dating.

The Dating Game

Posted in Socialon Sep 26, 2004

Dating is just one big game. A guy and a girl meet. She gives some excuse. He knows that the excuse is just a cover-up for something else. He could call her on it, except that he plays along, letting her think that he bought the excuse.

He knows what she knows, but he doesn’t let her know that he knows what she knows.

In a more specific example. The guy is at a dance and sees once or twice a couple of girls who were looking over his way. The next day, at a social gathering, they go do talk to him, but give his some excuse that they just wanted to talk to someone near by and he was the closest. What they were thinking is, “How can we start talking to him without making it look like we are picking him out.” He says that he, himself, was just looking around for someone to talk to. What he was thinking, was, “Oh wow, girls want to talk to me.” Then he realizes, “These are the same girls that we looking at me last night at the dance.” He keeps their secret from themselves. As long as they think they are playing the game, then he gets the advantage at the game by not revealing that he knows it is just a game.

In Opposite Directions

Posted in Socialon Sep 20, 2004

So I pass this girl that I know walking from one class to another. I was going to ask her to see what she was doing for the devotional to see if she wanted to go with me.

I was looking for her, and she walked right past me. I was going to say hi or something and walk with her, except that she was already talking to a boy, she didn’t see me, and I choked on my plans to talk to her.


Posted in Socialon Sep 17, 2004

Girl talk. Wow, now this is confusing for me. I would make big bucks if I could tell people what I just heard. But I don’t think that any words can describe what goes on inside a girls apartment. Its random, and loud, and full of emotion. You can never predict where it is going to go or what might come up. I don’t even know if its a conversation as much as its a soundtrack.

A soundtrack of life. Sometimes isn’t worth listening to. You might hear some girl things that you really didn’t want to know. Either that, or you might learn some of the elements.

Woah. Major insight here. But I still can’t put it into words. Its like pure knowledge, like the way the holy ghost talks to your soul.

A song and a dance. Thats what this place is life. Never start out a conversation with “She’ll be coming ’round the mountain,” because the next thing you know girls will start clapping, and singing and stomping and dancing, and swinging themselves ’round the room. I wish I had a camera, but it just couldn’t contain the excitement.

Heads falling out of faces.

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