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GDocsUploader 1.4 released

Posted in Technicalon Sep 1, 2009

While still in college, I wrote my first Mac OS X program to upload documents to Google Docs. The program is called GDocsUploader, and it supports drag-and-drop uploading of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, photos, and PDF files.

Today, almost 9 months since my last release, I am happy to release an updated version of the program. The new updated version will allow users to upload PDF documents, a very much requested feature.

You can download the new version from the Google Code project site.
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Who do you think will win gold?

Posted in Sportson Jul 30, 2008

Participate in my little competition by picking the teams that will go gold:
(This form will only be open until August 6th)

PDF support in Gdata API

Posted in Technicalon Jun 16, 2008

Dear Google Docs,

Recently you added PDF support to Google docs. This is such a great feature that people instantly want it third-party apps which connect to Google Docs through the Gdata API. Please add the ability to upload PDFs through the Gdata API. If that support is already there, perhaps you should update your list of supported document types. Thank you for your help, and I look forward to integrating this new feature into my third-party app.


Posted in Technicalon Apr 22, 2008

A while ago, I found myself needing to upload many document files into Google Docs. I saw that Google had a new API for doing such, so I decided to write a quick little app for the Mac to do just that. Just drag and drop documents onto the icon, and away their uploaded.

I had never written any sort of real Mac application, so I just kind of glued something together out of Python, applescript, and a couple of helper apps. I threw the source up at Google Project Hosting, which has been good, because otherwise I would have been supporting the thousands of downloads.

Recently, my little droplet app became more famous. It was featured on as a featured Mac Download. My favorite line from their post was, “Gdocsuploader is still new and a bit unpolished.” I think it should be considered more than just a bit unpolished. They should have said, “this thing might work, and is about as unpolished as lava rock.”

There have been a multitude of other posts about my little project:

Thanks to everyone who wrote something nice about it.

Google Docs celebrates Valentines Day

Posted in Funnyon Feb 14, 2008

Google Docs is an online service that provides a word processor, spreadsheet application, and a slide show program. It is available as part of Google Apps, for a specific team, or directly from Google.

Today I visited Google Docs to upload a document with a sugar cookie recipe, and I found that they’ve gone pink for the day. I did’t know the Google Docs folks were so into Valentines Day, but it looks like they’ve got pleanty of love to share.

Google Docs of valentines day