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Google+ Pages. Singular or plural?

Posted in Funnyon Nov 7, 2011

Dear Google+,

I went to create a page at Google+ Pages and I saw this notice:

I may be a computer geek, but I also appreciate correct grammar, and I’m seeing some inconsistencies in text of the popup notice.

Since the noun “pages” is plural, I would expect it to be used with a plural form of the verb: “are.” Instead, I’m seeing “pages is not” which is certainly incorrect. But I am able to explain it away because you could read it as, “The product offering, Google+ Pages, is not ready for everyone.” In this case, it might make sense to keep the verb in the singular form.

But wait! If you read the explanation text, Google suddenly refers to pages as “them,” which is certainly plural.

So what is it, Google? Is your Google+ Pages offering not ready? Or are you still releasing them to everyone?

Pilcrows and paragraphs

Posted in Insightson Aug 5, 2008

Ready for my next micro-rant?

Some people think run-on sentences are bad. I agree. But I think that a increasingly worse problem is the run-on paragraph. Frequently seen in blog posts, emails, and love notes to those special someones, the paragraph is an endangered species in many literary forms.’s definition of a paragraph is:

A distinct division of written or printed matter that begins on a new, usually indented line, consists of one or more sentences, and typically deals with a single thought or topic or quotes one speaker’s continuous words.

Too often we find people who write pages about their life, the universe, and everything else, as a single, run-on paragraph. Paragraphs are meant to help separate different thoughts or topics into chunks small enough for the reader’s comprehension.

Unwieldy paragraphs are a great danger to the modern human race. One of humanities major advantages over other earth-animal species is its ability to communicate effectively. As run-on paragraphs limit this ability to communicate, we are all in danger of reverting back to caveman methods of communicating which included the popular hit-someone-with-a-club-to-steal-a-wife. Downfalls of economies, government, and television series such as The Office could all be products of the increasing use of run-on paragraphs.

Save the human race! Save our dignity and the nobility that makes us better than the weeds of planet earth. Keep your paragraphs short! Write them more distinctly. Communicate more effectively. Share your ideas so that they can be understood. From the bottom of my heart, and in memory of my dead VCR, I thank you for your efforts.