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Hand sanitizers at gas stations

Posted in Insightson Oct 11, 2011

I find it curios and odd to find hand sanitizer dispensers at gas stations.  The dispensers give you a little squirt of some alcohol-based gell, which does a pretty good job at killing germs that are on your hand.  If you are worried about picking up germs from touching the gas pump, then these dispensers will calm your worries.

I suspect that most people who pump gas at a gas station are worried about gas getting on their hands.  The thing is, gasoline isn’t going to give you a disease, and it isn’t filled full of germs.  In fact, gasoline is about as germ-free as the hand sanitizer.  If you get gas on your hands, what you really want is good old soap, which will break down the oils from the gasoline and remove it from your hands.

So while I appreciate the the sanitizer dispensers at gas stations, they really aren’t the most ideal for getting gas off your hands.

Wells Gulch hike

Posted in Adventureson Mar 8, 2008

Today I hiked the Wells Gulch trail in Lory State Park, Colorado. It was a good little hike, with plenty of variety. Hiking on an overcast day in March, spring hasn’t quite emerged yet, so a lot of the great spring color and wildlife wasn’t present. There was, however, still some icy spots which made things more interesting.

Rex Lee Run 2007

Posted in Generalon Mar 19, 2007

Every year BYU in Provo, Utah hosts a run around campus to raise money for cancer research. It is named the Rex Lee Run, after one of BYU’s former presidents, Rex Lee, who died from cancer. It is one of the most popular races in Provo. Last year there were over 2000 runners.

This year’s race is slated for this Saturday. The weather is suppose to be pretty decent and I’m predicting a great run.

I operate the Rex Lee Run website, where you may sign up online.

Update, January 2009: I no longer work for BYU and I’m no longer associated with the Rex Lee Run in any way.

Otter pops are safe

Posted in Funnyon Sep 18, 2006

The frequent readers of this site know that I like to look through the search engine statistics for the site and comment on things I think people are looking for. Tonight’s question comes from a Verizon DSL user in California who went to Google to ask: Are otter pops safe?

Otter pops are not made out of spinach, so they are at least a little safer than packaged produce at the moment. The otter pops I buy at Costco come in a box which says, “Pasteurized for purity and wholesomeness.” I assume that means that at least the juice is safe. However, sometimes the plastic rappers break open, which might not be the safest thing for your fine upholstery. Additionally, otter pops do contain sugar, which could make them unsafe to those with sugar sensitivities. Finally, as with all things, eating too many otter pops in too short of time might not be the safest thing.

Thursday I went out to hike the Y. Of course, this isn’t my first time hiking the Y. I think perhaps it is the 4th or 5th time this summer. Last time, I hiked it in 29 minutes, which was really difficult and at the time I didn’t think there was any way that I could make it in less that 30 minutes, but I did. This time, I was a little more confident after hiking Kings Mountain in Oregon last week, so I set a goal for 15 minutes.

I set my stopwatch, and decided to only take my one liter water bottle. I started at about noon, and the temperature was about 80 degrees. I hiked solid, only stopping for a few seconds at a time to swallow some water. With the stopwatch as a constant reminder to my 25 minute goal, I kept up a solid pace, and if anything, increased my pace over the duration of the hike. I reached the Y at the zeroth second of the 25 minute of my hike, with about half a liter consumed out of my bottle. I was pretty tired when I reached the top. My heart was going pretty fast and I definitely needed the 10 minute rest once I got up there. The hike back down lasted just about as long as the hike up, mostly because I was taking a fairly safe pace for hiking downhill.

Kings Mountain

Posted in Adventureson Jul 26, 2006

Today I hiked Kings Mountain, which is about halfway between Tillamook and Hillsboro, Oregon. The hike was pretty difficult. The total elevation gain was 2500 feet, and I hiked 5 miles (2.5 each way). It took me 2 hours to get up, and about an hour and a half to get back down. In some parts, getting along the trail was really steep and it was kind of a scramble getting up. Today was hot, which meant that the liter and a half of water I took wasn’t quite enough.

Overall, it was a great hike, but nothing for beginners. My shoe wear wasn’t good enough; I wish I had a good pair of boots. I’ll post pictures when I get them developed.

Early morning Y hike

Posted in Adventureson Jul 15, 2006

This morning I hiked the Y again. For some reason this morning I just naturally woke up early. With all the found time, I decided to hike the Y, and do it before it got to hot outside. I left at about 8:45am. At that time the sun had hit the valley, but not quite the west side of the mountain. Even though I left pretty early, it was still pretty warm outside.

My focus today was to get to the top as quickly as possible. I brought my stopwatch, so I could time myself and use the time as motivation to get to the top. I decided that I could stop every 10 minutes for a drink of water. The end result is that I got from the trail-head to the the bottom of the Y in 29 minutes, which I think is a new best time for me. Even though the hike was hard at that pace, I felt like I was more energized than on previous hikes.