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Quick home repair

Posted in Insightson Jul 25, 2011

There are few fixes costing only $15 and 15 minutes which make life a little bit more pleasant.  Replacing your toilet seat is one of those easy fixes.  All you need is a new toilet seat (Walmart has a few), and a couple of tools which might include a flat head screwdriver and a wrench.  Replacement is usually just unscrewing the old seat and screwing down the new seat.

Doorbell fix

Posted in Lifeon Jan 18, 2010

Sandy isn’t the only one around here that can do some home improving.  Today I replaced our door bell with one that doesn’t look 20 years old. Here is a picture, the old switch is on the left:

Last Halloween I observed the little kids trying find the doorbell, I thought I would put in something that would stand out a little better.  The new doorbell has a button that lights up.