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I noticed that some of my payroll taxes were a little higher this month.  Yes, in spite of President Obama’s promise not to raise taxes.  Since I budget, a decrease in my take home pay requires me to cut some of my budget categories.  So I’ll be spending a little less on entertainment, personal care, travel, groceries, and hobbies.  Yes, when taxes go up, my spending goes down, dollar per dollar.  And that is how the economy is struggling to improve.

Why are taxes complicated?

Posted in Politicson Apr 3, 2010

I have a new theory why taxes are so complicated. They are purposefully complicated because the government wants you to use a tax return preparation service. They want someone else to do your taxes for you because they want you to be less aware of how much taxes you actually pay, and if you aren’t crunching the numbers yourself, then fewer people are going to know how much they really pay.

It follows the same reasoning why taxes are deducted before the pay check is cut, because people tend not to miss money they never knew they had.

I think people should have to send the government a check every month, in the same way they might pay a utility bill. If people inked out a large dollar amount to the government each month, I think they would be less supportive if new government programs and the politicians that sponsor them.